Mothers News - Providence, RI

Mothers News is a great monthly paper that is run out of Providence, Rhode Island. Published by Jacob Berendes, who used to have a cool little shop in Worcester called HBML, the paper contains lots of quirky and literate writing, exclusive comics by Brian Chippendale and CF, some music related gossip and tons of ads for awesome businesses both near and far.  If you live in a few select cities there's a chance that you can pick up a free copy in your local record store, comic emporium, book shop of cafe (find out where). You can also head over to the Mothers News website and get a yearly subscription for the low low cost of $23.  Berendes also runs a highly curated print/comic/music distro called Chipsylvania, where you'll find Noise Nomads tapes, Muffy Brandt patches, and old issues of Paper Rodeo, among other things. Get hopping froggies.