2 X Golden Cloud Tapes

WELCOME TO THE APOCALYPSE...Betcha the Mayans wouldn't use the last day on Earth to review cassettes, but that is what I do...

From the frozen cheese tundra of Wisconsin to my burrito & beer stained music room comes Golden Cloud Tapes with two very different musical tapes. The first is the wild, poly(almost a-)rhythmic maniac sounds of Dinner Music (Rick Weaver to friends and family). Titled Kissing Cousins, this half-hour affair is bonkers...and nope, its not a dramatic reinterpretation of the Elvis movie of the same name (I was secretly hoping...). Try explaining this music to grandma over the holidays and I'm sure you would find it as difficult as I do to come up with adjectives. This is plunking keys on organs and pianos while badly tap dancing on top of a drum set composing. Drive people away with Dinner Music! Mark Bradley's Temple Music on the other hand is a sober and solemn piece of minimal electronic music. Listening to this album is a peaceful and meditative activity and I will seek it out for "reading" music if silence becomes too dull. Overall, this is a tape of quality, but maybe a little on the soft side for me. Golden Cloud Tapes package their releases well and deserve to be further explored...maybe after the end times?

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