4 from Field Hymns

When a label, in this case Field Hymns, does what it does with such perfection, it makes my job as a reviewer quite difficult. For those listeners into vintage synth buzz, arpeggio-filled drone/wiz, then these four releases are a must have/hear. If you want short bursts of noise or rock, look elsewhere. Basically, if this aint your thang, then you will be bored to tears. Otherwise hop on board the star cruiser.  

The sometimes lengthy compositions on these tapes (and most of the label's catalog) can transport or relax a listener, depending on one's particular needs. The other day I needed a peaceful bit of "quiet time," so I grabbed this stack of Field Hymns releases and went to work listening in a half-slumber, the blinds drawn, only hints of  afternoon sunlight creeping in on my introspection. Bastian Void's Fluorescent Bells is my personal favorite because it is just so damn OUT THERE. Jonathan James Carr's Well-Tempered Ignorance (which combines some awesome musicianship with musique concrete style audio) is the next best of the batch. Ultimately though, I think you fans of synth-space traversing should find your own personal highlights amongst the many great FH tapes put out this, or any other year.

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