Steve Creature - S/T (self-released)

Cassette type fun arrived in the mailbox in the form of a very LO-FI "album" by one Steve Creature. He recorded over (and included the artwork and some snippets of the original songs) Peter Criss' 1978 solo album [see pic above]. This might be the only copy with the Criss music as I imagine Mr. Creature did not have a large batch of Peter Criss tapes around his house (though maybe???). I find this extremely low budget methodology fun as hell. Sure, the music is one dude singing and playing songs in, what can only be described as Daniel Johnston rip-off territory, but who cares...The tunes are catchy and the presentation is what you would want/expect when Bic pen is used to write artist's name over scratched out "Peter Criss." You can hear some Steve Creature songs on his Bandcamp. They are clearly indebted to the poppy Joey Ramone school of melody/lyrical straightforwardness, with titles such as, "Please Don't Go to Michigan" and "I'm Glad You Didn't Kill Yourself Last Summer." Not mind-blowing or all that unique, but every once in awhile it is best to be reminded that cassette tape people like you and I can have a sense of humor about all this stuff.


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