(Tor Press)

These are two cool split tapes that are already sold out from the label, but I think you can still snag one somewhere on the webs. I'm just gonna copy and paste the label's description and some soundcloud links. Does that make this a release announcement? I guess so. Definitely not a review, as you will notice the absence of any critical commentary. Boy, these are sure easier to write than reviews. Sue me, I'm a busy man.

Ignatz / Sophie Cooper 
Ignatz is the moniker of Belgiums Bram Devens, an occasional member of Sylvester Anfang II. Here we have 5 new tracks, unusually 3 of them are entirely instrumental but none the less still retain the unmistakable lo-fi blues sound of Brams music. There's a primitism to Brams guitar playing, at times indelicate but still beautiful and always beguiling. Sophie Cooper is a singer songwriter from Stoke-On-Trent, here she presents five deeply personal songs. Her music always reflects her life and more often than not is inspired by the people around her. These songs have a dreamlike quality, with found sounds and vocals drifting in and out of clarity. This is emotive often heart-rending music. Limited to only 75 copies with artwork by Jake Blanchard on pro-dubbed cassettes.

Hellvete / Jake Blanchard
Hellvete is Glen Steenkiste (Gonzalez & Steenkiste, Sylvester Anfang), here we have 3 distinctly different tracks, ranging from delicate percussion, zoned out drones and banjo plucking. It's impossible not to get lost in this music, long tracks of sustained drones with subtle textures and layers building and fading. This is the second release from Jake after his debut on Feathered Coyote. Often using hand made instruments Jake weaves blissful drones with primitve rhythm and melody at times harmonious and euphoric giving way to distorted and dissonant. Limited to only 75 copies with artwork by Jake Blanchard on pro-dubbed cassettes.