THUNDEREGG "He's Actually Pretty Cool Once You Get to Know Him"

Here is a unique cassette; select songs of bedroom recordings from a thoughtful, talented singer songwriter. There are twenty eight songs on here, the equivalent of a double vinyl LP. Each song is recorded by a four track, so the whole release has a humble do-it-yourself element to it, even if the songs are the length, genre and feel of something radio ready.

The songs are not presented in chronological order. The opener is from 1998 and the latest recording is from 2012. They're all catchy and well composed, with some nice instrumental decision making. Will Georgantas also has very good instincts and knows when to double up the vocals, when to throw in a well executed guitar solo, etc. Some songs are waltzes, in 3/3 time signature, while others feel like straight up emo anthems. There's about a billion late nineties comparisons I can make to Thunderegg's sound, but the clearest influence is the vocals of Ben Folds Five. Georgantas voice is eerily similar to Ben Folds.

Georgantas doesn't have the ability to sing songs that are simultaneously quirky and funny while also being devastatingly relatable and, in Folds own words, "punk rock for nerds". The lyrics don't have the same edge, they seem to just wash over me. Another comparison I would make would be to early Jason Anderson recordings.

I'll admit I'm probably not the best reviewer for this specific cassette however. What I enjoy about music is usually more abstract. As much as I complain about punk bands reverberating lyrics to the point of being incoherent, I usually think about lyrics last, with the exception to a handful of amazing singer songwriters. For example, you may release I make a lot of comparisons to Neil Young. I like Neil Young.

But I digress. If you are a fan of mid-ninties K records, Tullycraft, Death Cab for Cutie, you know, that whole scene, this might be a great cassette for you. Thunderegg is not the greatest of emo crooners, but with a release that is TWENTY EIGHT songs deep, you get a lot of bang for your buck here.

artist's website:
This release is like ... over an hour long.

--Jack Turnbull