slow down...speed up

Still working on trying to get this blog updated more regularly. Thank you so much for sending in tapes. Nothing gets thrown away, but there is a large backlog of submissions at the moment and not enough people to listen to them.

Do you live in the Boston area? do you enjoy listening to music on cassette? Are you interested in becoming a Cassette God?  I'm looking for reliable and frequent contributors to meet up with me face to face and receive tapes for review every week.  I really feel like this system has the best chances of getting the highest percentage of tapes posted to the blog, but if I can't find three to five reliable people out here, I might need to go back to the previous system of posting the individual reviewers addresses on the sidebar. I took those down because I felt like not enough writing was being done, but now we're in the same boat and February has been pretty bleak as far as contributions to the blog go. So please drop me a line at cavebears at gee mail dot comb if you are local and want to help keep this thing running.

Why keep it running? Because a small but consistent number of people look at this site daily. Recently it's been averaging 500 views per day (15,000 per month), with a total of half a million since we started.  I'm sure this is minuscule compared to some other music blogs, but it's enough to make me feel that we are doing something for the people whose music we post about.

Also a note for people submitting music for review: send no promo emails ever. There are enough people who actually send physical submissions that we could review one tape a day (minimum) if we had enough writers, so I definitely don't take the time to look at submissions from people who can't muster a single copy of a tape.

update 3/8/14: I've got some good folks responding, and I've been handing out tapes by the dozen, so hopefully this will mean a more active CG in the future. I've also started writing a few little scraps here and there. keep the tapes coming, there is light at the end of this tunnel of a submissions box...