Wednesday, August 5, 2015

NATE SCHEIBLE “Rhetoric” C24 (Self-Released)

I’m thoroughly convinced that this could be the birth of a new genre. “Timbre Collection” doesn’t have a good enough ring. Not “zippy” enough, I suppose. Let the label evolve naturally, I don’t care, but I want more of this! Brilliantly patchworked sound collages seamlessly grab your brain’s timid hand and lead it through electro-acoustic drones, somehownotharshfeedback, tapewarped non-western vocalists riffing, classical tones… all the while, layers above or below, cathedral choirs reverb, wind has its way with unshielded microphones, saccharine TV commercial-style jingles cut & paste themselves in & out of unexpected places…the list goes on and on, from dulcet waltzes being interrupted by the kool-aide man blasting KMFDM(ish) synth chords to soupy arena-rock anthems bombarded by tsunamis of static. The interplay is an enriching novelty few know of, and I feel damn lucky to have heard this. So truly brilliant. I want more… Facebook says my first serious girlfriend from 15 years back who still lives in Ohio knows this guy. I’m wondering what role I might have to conspire to in order to see more of these explorations made public…

- - Jacob An Kittenplan