POLYGLOVE “Redial” C20 (Illuminated Paths)

So, from across the room, I looked at my stack of tapes to review and noticed the all caps lettering REDIAL and thought to myself, hrm, that font looks familiar. That font looks like the same font used on a tape I reviewed a while back that was pretty much str8-up techno (which I am allergic to) and I remembered it being the hardest tape to review because I really didn’t like listening to it, despite knowing how much work must have been put into writing the songs. Guess fucking what. SAME DUDE remixed his tape (the original was DIALER) and sent it overseas from Europe to the East Coast of the USA, which then got sent to the West Coastal town of Berkeley, to me. Fuck.

So, here’s the thing; I hate this much less. The same beat-you-over-the-head-with-the-same-4/4-beat-throughout-the-whole-goddamn-song is still there, and I still hate that so, SO, so fucking much, but there’s a few new textures going on now to where I can almost be distracted away from it. 

You know how when that sportsball event sometime in the past happened, and all those fans were playing their VUVUZELAS, and it really pissed a lot of other people off to the point where there was a noice-cancellation i-phone app dedicated to reducing the sound? Somebody needs to make one of those for the 4/4 techno beat. I bet I’d be in love with this album if I could just remove the drums. They synth lines are interesting and they weave around and do cool shit…I just can’t hear them well…BECAUSE OF THE GODDAMN TECHNO BEAT. Seriously, somebody,make that app. I’d pay good money for it. If you’re not allergic like I am, clickyclicky below.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan