Friday, September 9, 2016

Λ°C / KROVI “Chaise” (Phinery)

If Nashville was at the center of the universe, do you think the Large Hadron Collider would have predicted it, or would it turned an indifferent shoulder to such a ridiculous claim? The question and the answer should be obvious, as if one thing informed another and vice versa, stimulating the tensility of molecular connection and opening (relatively) vast voids between the atomic parts. Λ°C and KROVI, Nashville-based synthesizer producers, tease SETI with their collaborative intelligence, knowing that nothing’s coming from the stars but through the fabric of spacetime itself. Right here. As if Stranger Things knew what would happen years before it did, and then it did, and it sounded exactly like you would expect something titled “Glass Bath” would sound. Sterilization, isolation, intoxication, submission, immolation, ascension, stages of becoming, the beginnings of evolution. Patterns not once repeated, voices ghostly at times, horrific at others, fighting back against true absurdity. Unmoored numbers, separated from their calculus like castaways on forgotten shores, lose their purpose, their meaning fading as time recedes. Portals close, and they are among us. Can we count these events as fortunate? As people and objects existing in this time, how do they affect us, and can we continue to ignore or embrace them at our current fractured pace? What memory remains within us is encoded with malicious viruses – or are they cleansing agents? The voices are fractals, pure digital encryption. Space, time, software, biology, all is compressed and formatted for universal readout. Singularity. Is a split a split if it’s collaborative? Let it flow, it’s seamless. Is there even a universe if nothing is perceivable? Or is the tree falling in the forest simply Chaise, an unknowable commodity, freely filling the space that’s not there with its sound? Is Nashville even Nashville anymore?

Words end, imagination takes over.

--Ryan Masteller