Friday, September 30, 2016

"Absquatulate Azimuth" C30
(Bicephalic Records)

Milwaukee’s Bicephalic Records knows their noise! Here’s a great pairing of two primarily atonal ambient artists exploring the edges of sonority and rhythm, each in innovative, distinct ways.

On side A, Southern Spain’s Miguel A. Garcia isolates and curates the overtone-rich sounds of heavy machinery, industrial wire, and walkee-talkee interference, posing each for and against the other through expert timbre augmentation.

On Side B, Wisconson’s own BR label head, August Traeger, weaves organically harvested reverb with intimate, meek textures and subtle haunting drones for a disassociative mantra, then proceeds to turn the world on its head, taking the previous 25 minutes of themes on this tape, digitally electrocutes and syncopates them into a clumsy robot elephant dance while the crowd looks on in bemused horror.

Pretty great stuff! This is one of four splits Bicephalic has put out and I’m looking forward to spending more time with the others now!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan