AJAÏ "Chance, For Us" C47 (Self-Released)

A cursory listen to “Chance, For Us” will no doubt have you drawing strong comparisons to Grizzly Bear’s magnum opus “Veckatimest”, but Ajaï’s voice is far more clear & sincere, and the lush orchestration behind it is a touch more psychedelic and varied. Where Grizzly Bear’s main goal is to have us singing along and shaking our asses, Ajaï keeps us dumbstruck and swaying along with the myriad currents conjured by crashing and woven layers of instrumentation and expert production. The end result is powerful, intricate, and magically cohesive. This is psych-pop at its finest.


-- Jacob An Kittenplan

sorry for the lapse in posting...we should be back on track now -ed.