DENIM CASKET “Demo” (self-released)

If you’re a fan of dirty, filthy, muddy slop, look no further than this demo from Denim Casket. This tape kicked my ass and if a bass-centric fusion of grind and sludge sounds appealing to you, you should let it kick yours too. Clocking in at just around 11 minutes, this release is way too easy to listen to over and over again. The fact that each track is utterly heavy in every way doesn’t hurt either. The tone of the basses (yes, that’s plural) is absolutely punishing. The vocals are scorching. And the drums are tight and fierce. I loved this tape almost instantly and I’m eager to see what comes next from these greasy (their word not mine) folks from Boise. With catchy song titles like “Ham is Hog Butt” and “Vape Coffin,” you can’t help but be pulled into the grimy, murky underworld that Denim Casket inhabits. The tapes themselves also look very slick and were self-released, so props to them for that as well. 100 copies were produced and are still available directly from the band, so don’t sleep on this if you like solid grind, sludge or anything in between. Or just good heavy music. Because, truth be told, this isn’t straight grind or sludge. It’s a refreshing blend of both styles and will not fail to kick you in the teeth with the best aspects of both.

--James Searfoss