BROKEN SPEAR “Truth Pieces” (Business Casual)

Broken Spear’s “Truth Pieces” is an alien artifact. It comes from a planet where all surfaces are white and sheer and metallic, cut with pulsing teal light. Everything moves in a rhythmic harmony, the world’s humanoid inhabitants part of an endless cycle of interconnectedness. But instead of the cold pulses of modern electronic and techno, “Truth Pieces” is warm and alive, not populated by machines but by real living, breathing entities. If, in fact, those entities do in fact “breathe” like I’m thinking of.

Shimmery pop invades, post-chill future visions of “contemporary ecology” (ahem, to borrow a track title), zero-magnetic interference. “My So-Called Life”-wave. The machinery is evident and constantly working. Broken Spear transports all listeners to all places at once. Sensory input, sensory overload.

Trill Mah seems to be the lone human dropped in the middle of all this, rapping her ass off as her senses are bombarded. Maybe she can help us find a way off this planet.