LÄRMSCHUTZ / TERBESCHIKKINGSTELLING “Faux Amis Vol. 0: Terbeschikkingstelling” C60 (Faux Amis)

This is ground zero. The very first experiment. Where it all went horribly right (or wrong, depending on your perspective). Dutch sound terrorists Lärmschutz initiated this split series on their label Faux Amis, where they were like, let’s make our online friends our real friends. Let’s sign a bunch of them up, then do a split a month with them throughout 2019.

Great idea!

It has worked out incredibly well so far, as I’ve had the opportunity to dig into a couple of them over at Tabs Out. But here’s the flagship. Here’s the genesis. And who better to do it with first than fellow countrymen, am I right? The Lärmschutz gang roped in fellow Dutch sonic terrorists Terbeschikkingstelling, and the match is one made in heaven, also the Netherlands. Over the course of two lengthy tracks each, the new best pals run through all manner of desperate no wave dynamite tinged with electronics – well, that’s the Lärmschutz MO anyway, the trio plunging away through a half hour with reckless abandon. Terbeschikkingstelling takes a more deliberate electronic approach, wrenching noise and static from whatever it is they get their hands on. I’m sure it’s pretty solid gear, with lots of electrical components they can wring static from.

This split is a phenomenal start, and, take it from me, the series maintains its momentum!