SKIN TAGS “Skin Tags” (Already Dead)

The three shit-kicking women of Skin Tags are (I’m guessing) depicted on the cover of their self-titled tape getting their hair done. It’s not really them though, although the one in the middle looks young enough to be a Skin Tag, and maybe is – the other two are much too old. And no, don’t accuse me of ageism – I can’t even imagine the toll it would take on my body to make music like this, and I’m WAY younger than the other two women. So they’re not in the band.

A mushroom cloud emerges from the central head, and that’s the Skin Tags sound: nuclear anger erupting in shredded punk madness. Take a gander at the some of these song titles and tell me they’re not punk: “Hope to Die,” “Connect the Dots,” “Joke,” “I Hate Life.” I don’t think it’s hard to imagine that Skin Tags ratchet up a massive amount of energy and release it into their compositions. Are they having fun? Yeah … I think so. Although it’s hard to tell over all that anger.

So flip the script along with the women of Skin Tags. Do not let anything stand in your way. Punk has always been the perfect outlet for this. Skin Tags just happen to be the latest band to harness its energy, latch on to its rapidly melting-down core, and ride its lightning tail with whiplash abandon till it all crashes into whatever it’s aimed at.