NINA RYSER “Laughing Tears” (Ranch Jams Records)

Sick swill from the Philly gutters, Laughing Tears pours down from our face thick like soup, mixing with sweat and fog and grease and wiz, a slurry of toxic tones from glowing Casios emitting carcinogenic vapor. Nina Ryser puts the “w wav” in “new wave,” opting for angularity over smooth forms. Sometimes lurching like an oversuited David Byrne but also just as sometimes reeling like an underhatted Mark Mothersbaugh (or just cooking in the lab like … a scientist with synthesizers … with Laetitia Sadier!), Ryser flits like Beaker from beaker to beaker to make sure the Bunsen burners aren’t overcooking the sauce. But there one is, boiling a tune to vapor; there’s another, coating and crusting the sides of everything it sprays; there’s a third, congealing into paste following a wind-gust-related flame mishap. I’m not doing the dishes.

The sauce is the boss, and we live to see its effects. Laughing Tears fires cylinders of enthusiasm through the mechanics of industrial waveforms, the pistons becoming coated and cracked by energetic use. And yet the cocked-and-loaded melodic structures puncture the attention of everyone racing to the toolbox with an idea, an addendum. Such eagerness Laughing Tears inspires! Nina Ryser is nothing if not the torchbearer of excitement, a visionary of skewed concoctions and othered song cycles. Also a pretty inventive songwriter, if you want it plain.