TELYSCOPES “High Fidelity Drag” (Giraffe Boy)

Did you expect to fall in love again today? I didn’t. Philly’s Telyscopes have me hook, line, and sinker, their earwormy bait a distant memory in my gullet as I’m reeled toward my waterless death, and other fishing metaphors. Look, High Fidelity Drag is the missing link connecting Sloan, the Flaming Lips, and Neutral Milk Hotel, and I for one do not want to re-up on that pre-intellectual hominid existence. I’m ready to be washed in the blood of angelic harmony, gussied up by home-recorded fuzz or not. Telyscopes has it in spades. Is it a Philly thing? I get Philly. It’s a thing.

High Fidelity Drag is “loosely inspired by … Watership Down,” and while I’ve not read the book, I’ve seen the film (and done a podcast about it, which I’d link to if the internets weren’t so BLOODY CRUEL, but here’s the link to the page that once hosted it). I dunno. All that to say, Fall of Efrafa pretty convincingly built their whole ethos and identity around Watership Down, so there’s a benchmark to live up to. But since I can’t really speak very coherently on the subject of Watership Down and how it comes across in music or whatever, I’m not going to compare anything and just suggest that Telyscopes are worth your time to check out. What do you got going on this afternoon?