"Exile" C36
(Chthonic Records)

All eye-lids, ye shall hoist at half-mast, for “Exile”, easily Rake Kash’s ever stoniest & spaciest free-jazz chill-out sesh recorded to date, Methe (Gertrude Tapes fountainhead!) assuming the fore of this recording endeavor (amongst ringers/pals) to wrench out sultry sax riffage, myriad keys, slick double-bass grooves, dialed-in live drum kit textures, tasteful pedal-work (post mix?!), & an all-pervasive 55mph drive across the Great Plains of lock-step certainty & adventurously jazzy titillation. 

Tracks 1-3, listenable via bandcamp, prove a great set-up for the crowning achievement*, side B’s beyond-lost-in-Joshua-Tree denouement, an untitled 17 minute track that ambles with so much certainty, maps are setting themselves on fire, just like even considering listening to it. 

I’ve loved the vast majority of Gertrude Tapes' output, over the years, but it’s truly revelatory to hear where the mind of such a solid label is, production-wise, on their own creative trajectory, and I feel daaaaamn lucky to have gotten to listen to this.

Bohren & Der Club of Gore meets GSY!BE’s spaciest off-shoots meets Louisville, KY’s jazziest post-rock explorations. YEAH. Rock fuckin’ solid!


—Jacob An Kittenplan

*available only via physically playing this stellar tape! ha!