“Cassette Tape" C20
(Permanent Nostalgia)

To deeply listen to the super-sentient recording artist, Royallen, is to wonder whether or not their very name is a cascading, seven-fold portmanteau of the words “Roy”, “Royal”, “Oya”, “Y'all”, “Al”, “All”, and “Allen”;  the only constant of their work being the aesthetic of an over-whelming bombardment of seemingly unrelated plundered/chopped/screwed soundbites and dissociated sonic sentiments melded into one sharp, cacophonous blitzkrieg. The tape may only be 20 minutes, but you’ll have felt like you’ve listened to well over an hour’s worth of emotionally charged transmissions and ubiquitous beatscapes at the same time. This must be what omniscience and/or schizophrenia might sounds like to some deities. Listen with caution!


—Jacob An Kittenplan