CHORCHILL “Nachtfisch” (Strategic Tape Reserve)


Ride your motorcycle from Istanbul to West Germany. The call of the road, the charm of the scenery as it whips by. The pressure, the danger. Do you have to do it? What’s there for you? The freedom of motion, of impermanence. The unknown.


The sadness.


The music tells stories about stories about images. Thirdhand accounts from Chorchill’s father passed down to Chorchill. The gleam of remembrance, the twinkle of regret in the man’s eye. Apel Okuyan had to do it, made the journey in the 1960s, felt the deep longing for deliverance beyond … something. Injustice? General unfairness? Who knows – he was a “prominent figure in a powerful trade union … before his unexplained disappearance in 1995.” Maybe he was into some deep shit. Maybe he was the man behind the curtain.


Chorchill takes a wistful approach. Delicate synth pads, restrained melodies. He longs to understand a life he never brushed against, the Turkish-German underworld, and how his father knew such stories, such people. Nachtfisch, Okuyan’s nickname, serves as a meditation on the secret histories and fantastic adventures of people in extreme circumstances, imagining in its naïveté a cinematic romanticism of the daily interactions that can never be fully comprehended. And it’s this open-ended exploration of the mundane and innocuous that sets the idea of “underworld activity” in relief. In short, let’s get fascinated about mysteries!