KRIS AND TAVI “Kris and Tavi” (Misophonia)


German Army’s Peter Kris has been known to carefully compose and/or improvise a heady guitar tune here and there (or maybe more like six hundred friggin thousand of them), so it’s no surprise that Kris and Tavi is full of heady guitar tunes. Likewise, Tara Tavi, solo artist and erstwhile performer in Amps for Christ and Auto Da Fe, has been known to lend her “Siouxsie Sioux” (if we’re naming instruments, that can be a good one for her voice – Tavi and Siouxsie approach a similar range and timbre) to musical endeavors here and there, so it’s no surprise that Kris and Tavi is full of righteous paeans. Together, Kris and Tavi send off minimal devotionals into the night sky, hoping for nothing and achieving everything.


These dusty meditations resist the light, opting for evening rituals by firelight, the guitars snaking around the voices and fluctuating together, like they’re breathing fireflies or something. As the hour grows later and the darkness continues to encroach, Kris and Tavi’s enchantments grow heavier, deeper, lifting power from the soil and weaving it through fingers and tongues till melancholy spirits appear and supplicate the gods on our behalf. In the end, the duo is actually doing us a great service – what other kind of pagan experience is going to get you in with supernatural beings? I wanna be on their good side, that’s for sure.