FED ASH “Diurnal Traumas” (Orb Tapes)

Knowing that “all proceeds from this release are being donated to Last Chance for Change, an organization dedicated to fighting police brutality and racial injustices in Syracuse, NY,” kind of puts it in perspective. We’re angry. We’re ready for change. And we make loud and brutal music to punctuate our stance. That’s what Fed Ash is saying anyway. Fed Ash is confronting traumas, diurnal and other, head on.


Holding a mirror to reflect those traumas inflicted upon the powerless by those with power, Fed Ash whips together a seething mass of rage and launches its power out into the world. Drawing from crust, grindcore, and death metal, and sprinkled with just enough noise and samples to allow me to add the word “experimental” to this review, the quartet gears itself up and to full-on molten efficiency and blisters speakers and eardrums along the way. If only protesters could blast Diurnal Traumas on repeat at a high decibel level and aim it at oppressors!


And we see everything on screen, every day, right in front of us. We feel helpless. That’s why a band like Fed Ash, destructively vicious and unflinchingly feral, can swoop in and provide catharsis. Knowing that they stand with those most in need of assistance is an added bonus. There’s safety in likemindedness, and there’s inspiration and fortification too. And heavy, heavy music.