MACHINE LISTENER “Headfooter” (Unifactor)


Hey, I get it – you coat your circuits in breadcrumbs, plug them in, and drop them in a deep fryer, and this is what you get. Headfooter, the combination of melting electronics and the pops made while they’re melting in the deep fryer, is a cry for help from the synthetic world, a sputtering, cascading, milky goo emanating from the mouth of a disintegrating android. Matthew Gallagher – not the watermelon one – harnesses the subtleties of these imaginaries and abstracts them, layering them against each other and applying rhythm to the antirhythm, creating in the process a glimmering, shuffling, reanimated corpse of digital parts constructed (probably) from all the horrifying sounds a disintegrating android makes. (But making them sound not so horrifying in the end.)
Machine Listener: navigating the depths of the digital psyche, scouring the nooks and crannies of nodes and motherboards to gain even the faintest glimpse, the most fleeting synapse of unprogrammed human response. I wonder how far Gallagher (again, no watermelons) has gotten in their research, tinkering as they do in lab coat and goggles and periodically publishing their findings (such as Headfooter) to an audience mostly disinterested in the tech, in the philosophy, instead hanging on to the dank Warp-ified impulses and blankets of synthesizer. That audience isn't getting it though! Get under the hood, fiddle with the knobs and plugs. Get a microscope and use it for Pete’s sake. There’s gotta be something under here that points to machines and humans interacting on some identical level. There’s just gotta be!
Till we figure it out, the Machine Listener continues to work.