SPEDNAR “Coniunctio” (Unifactor)


Someone touched the wrong node, and I bet it was Kevin Bednar. Bednar is Spednar, experimental weirdo, and yes, that MUST be on your CV when you submit a potential tape to Unifactor. Bednar actually touched a lot of the wrong nodes, because that’s clearly how Coniunctio came to be, a whiplash-inducing sprint through inputs and outputs, programs and manual dexterity, triggered harmonics and unrelenting electronic percussion. Drawing from the greats – yes, think Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Oval – Bednar blasts us with wave after wave of virtual synthesizer madness, displaying every flavor of digital studio trickery possible. Sheets of static decay and reconstitute while electricity pulses from circuit to circuit until it’s impossible to tell down from up or end from beginning – and isn’t that’s how it’s supposed to be?
Bednar does allow it to end, but not before finishing off the tape with two lengthy and languid ambient pieces that sparkle with euphony as they soundtrack suspended animation. Unifactor vet {arsonist} lends a hand on the fifteen-minute “aut” before Bednar takes us home on “untitled,” eleven minutes of glowing ecstasy. It almost seems like the environment has come to life around “untitled,” and “aut,” and as such I think I may have to try to communicate with it in a similar capacity. Maybe I can make these sounds with my brain. But fortunately, I have Coniunctio to feed back upon itself, perhaps permanently damaging my perception of space-time in the process. Don’t you think we need more tapes that do exactly that to us? I mean, who needs time to be a straight line anyway – I like my reality to be a little more three-dimensional.