NESEY GALLONS “Misprisions” (Already Dead)


Nesey Gallons has some secrets, and they are wrapped up tight and concealed from everyone’s knowledge. They’re wrapped up so tight and concealed so well that they’ve begun vibrate with a sinister electricity in the hopes that they’ll get noticed and subsequently revealed. But wouldn’t that just be a weight off Nesey Gallons’s chest? Wouldn’t that just be a relief?
Gallons, one time Elephant 6 stalwart (Music Tapes, Circulatory System), has relocated to Maine, and I LOVE Maine and New England in general, and I miss living close enough to it. The tape, a lovingly recorded artifact, sounds like purple twilight and cold wind and falling leaves. Gallons tries to choke back his secrets and his fears throughout, his melodies bursting morose and unfettered in their fractured beauty. You can almost see him gulping frigid air after every line, his breath misting against streetlights.
He’s surrounded himself with a crack team of players, and Misprisions, the result, is a definite 1990s psych-pop throwback to the E6 heyday. I know it’s unfair to pin a scene on a one-time scenester, but it’s impossible to take Athens out of the elephant even if the elephant’s taken itself out of Athens. Something like that. But the group further solidifies the tightly wound interpersonal dramas and dilemmas that build up inside oneself over the years, and those damaging secrets about oneself and others, those misprisions, can’t stay inside forever. They build up, have to get out.
Luckily, they can get out in a beautifully articulate way sometimes. Nesey Gallons has the sublime expression of the release of that pent-up guilt locked down.
Songs written between 2011 and 2013.