EMESIS / SCISSOR Split (Trapdoor Tapes)

Trapdoor Tapes have been emitting various strands of hiss cultures from their Sunshine Coast, Queensland domicile since 2005, from what I could gather. A batch of five tapes arrived a while ago, so more information as it develops. The Emesis side is dubbed quietly but hits the spot with some hellish manipulated tape, delay and feedback maneuvers, possibly captured in a live setting. It's static, despondent and hallucinatory stuff with a machinated, almost industrial tone. The Scissor side is dubbed about ten times louder. Whirring drills grind away at harsh noise territories, bludgeoning the signal into obscured crackling at some points and chugging into phaser-heavy repetition at others. There are some interesting textures created with polyphonic signals, but the gadgetry feels overloaded. Eventually the signal totally dissolves into shards and pops, and the side is over. The casing for this split is probably the most grotesque of the whole batch, with a paint job straight out of finger painting hour and a sticker of Paris Hilton in all her irony, staring you down. I wasn't able to find info online about either of these groups, but check the Trapdoor Tapes pages below: