“Nothing Here Now But The Recordings”
(Friends and Relatives)

Don't sleep!

Label description:

Originally released as an LP in 1981 on Industrial Records, which has long since been out of print, this is a collection of voice and tape experiments conducted by William S. Burroughs in 1959-1978. Explorations in home recorded voice, t.v. & radio cut-ups, backwards tapes, echo and sub-vocal speech - including the earliest surviving cut-up tape, recorded in conversation between Brion Gysin (the person who originally conceived the cut-up method), Gregory Corso, Burroughs and Sinclair Beiles at The Beat Hotel in Paris, 1959. From the liner notes: “These are recordings that weren’t intended when they were made to be seen as finished ‘works’ of art… The participants were thinking about alterations and the potentialities of the tape recorder… When you cut up and rearrange words, new words emerge, the future leaks through, seemingly at random.”

This is a bootleg that we believe originated from Norway.
Created in an edition of 50 copies and we
have only a small stack of them for sale.

$5 (postage paid in the U.S.)
paypal to: friendsandrelativesrecords@yahoo.com
or send cash to: 114 S. Huron St. #4, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

also available:

The Savage Young Taterbug – e.p. Cassette
(As known through his extensive touring of the U.S. sub-underbelly, as well as an unforgettable string of tapes on Night People, Charles Free approaches us from a different side of the street with this new E.P. of songs. Recorded live in hi-fidelity with only an upright piano and voice, the resulting boogie wuugie (extend’d) pain pop is up instant lock(es). To clear the air at the end, there’s a Partridge Family karaoke-cover that might possibly give DJ Screw’s children hope for a future in this world(s). From the liner notes: “recorded drunk on shitty beer in an apartment in chicago.”)

limited to 50 copies.
$4 (postage paid in the U.S.)
paypal to: friendsandrelativesrecords@yahoo.com
or send cash to: 114 S. Huron St. #4, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Spirit Candle Tapes

Cool new label from New Orleans.  Quintron tape out now, more stuff coming soon.  Check it out:


Walter Gross- LA Pink Filth (I Had An Accident Records)

Walter Gross- LA Pink Filth TAPE Limited to 20 only $5 I spread grease on toast and took it as an offering to the landing craft. It would have been a fair exchange but Severance Pay comes falling out a window and starts taking pot shots at the home invasion artists who didn't think he'd be home. I hid in a convenience store until they were gone, played milk jacks and paper cuts on the carbon copy floor. I felt some paranoia coming on and crawled closer to a wall spray-painted with star charts of a constellation resembling the Stars and Stripes (they're going to make me write a report about this). Someone in the security closet watching the closed circuit cameras put on LA Pink Filth by Walter Gross. I knew it immediately, felt recharged and took some carbon to cake on my fingers. They'll want fingerprints; they'll want to know the specific time of each passerby. At some point the security guy fell asleep, slumped over his monitor, because this tape kept going on auto-reverse and no one came out to stop the looters. My favorite part of the ship sounds like this, cruising over the UAE, cruising under Lake Michigan. Downtown to UAE, sideways to Columbia, north to the relocated continental divide under the Pacific Coast highway, ending at Puget Power. If you want the best plates you get hub caps from the incandescent flea market with orange piñatas. Spin twelve at once and let them crash to the floor of red ink feathers. Slam shut the heavy lid of the city and go backroom indigo. Lose the station, find the station again. Cars move sideways underground; be your own mechanic. Spin the plates to see your truck food at a new angle and learn which ways the alleys flex. Before the acoustics blind you, return to the track "There" and touch it from the bow to the stern. Even keel. Find a way to pull the freighter onshore. Our friends have been inside for a long time and want to show you how they've adjusted to other star systems. Stream "In America" and Order LA Pink Filth Here.

Chris Murray, "Dark Vader Demos" (self-released) and Square People's Jazz Maturity "Moodscapes" (High Density Headache))

Square People's (formerly Square People's Jazz Maturity) Chris Murray sent me two tapes recently, one features new demos he's working on under the title "Dark Vader" and the other is a Square People's album called Moodscapes. Birthed in the womb of country music, Nashville, TN, Murray's music is the opposite of hillbilly pop. His solo four track demos and the work of the band (which includes Murray, Craig Schenker, Tommy Stangroom, and Charlie Rauh) is the sound of free jazz-rock mixed with Half Japanese heart on sleeve. The "Dark Vader" songs sound to me as if Half Japanese recorded Half Gentlemen/Not Beasts after they seriously studied jazz (AND learned to play their instruments well!). The singing and playing displays a kind of purposeful naiveté. I can't really understand a single lyric because of the fidelity (which is low), but I love it!

Moodscapes (released on the Murfreesboro based [defunct] label High Density Headache) is better recorded - not by much - and is definitely the work of a band. All the players from the guitar to sax to drums display a technical level of musicality while still being freewheeling maniacs. This is the work of young people who love free jazz, but don't take it to the level of protest or spirituality that the originators of the art form did. Side A was recorded more or less in the studio while the B side is a live show. Both feature the similar titles and its great fun to compare the different takes of the tunes. I was impressed with the punk-jazz of their attitudes. Perhaps not as breathtakingly dexterous as the Minutemen, Square People are at the very least energetic and ragin' full on.

Learn more HERE and HERE.

JEFF BEAM "Be Your Own Mirror"
HYENA "Gehuegen"

Jeff Beam "Be Your Own Mirror
This tape was hand-delivered to my mailbox in Portland, Maine.  You should listen to the music, it's really ambitious psychedelic power pop.  It came with a note:

 For a 
of "Be Your Own Mirror" (2012) 

send an email to

with the subject

You will then receive an 
email with instructions on 
how to download
the album.

Or you can just follow this link XXX to listen or purchase a cassette or CD copy of the album.

Hyena is another band initially from Maine, but they now have their home base in Boston.  Outside, The Great Drough, their debut full length LP, is a marvel of modern (yet oh-so-classic) arranging.  The singer, Colby Nathan, vibes heavy with shattered acid folkie warble, but his tunes veer from charred orchestral dissonance to Pet Sounds glory.  The new tape, called Gehuegen, is released on Colby's Laughable Recordings.  It's as least as good as the LP, if a little sparser.  Keep on the look out for these guys the next time they tour, but be sure to hear some of the recorded music to get the full picture, as performances can often be chaotic and quite confusing.  

Gehuegen XXX
Outside, The Great Drought XXX
Laughable Recordings XXX

FAVORS "Keeper" c25 (Future Push)

You'll definitely want to spool this at your dance party tonight.  Last CG review XXX



I can't wait to see this band at Savage Weekend XXX. I walked into the room after they played Raw Meet and there was blood and glass everywhere.  Their tape sounds fucked up. 


JASON CRUMER "Let There Be Crumer" (Second Layer Records)

This showed up today via Royal Mail, all the way from the UK
It is a cd and the cover/packaging art is awful
I don't review cds
Please don't send them to me.





The Johns - "Level 2" c60 (self-released)

The history of home taping has a rich legacy of recordings from R. Stevie Moore to Martin Newell o Daniel Johnston to the folks at K Records (and many, many others of course) circulating and influencing people to follow the path of loners with 4-track machines. The influence of the shockingly brilliant few on the many unknown bedroom savants is both glorious and unfortunate. As someone who has filled sixty minutes worth of tape with garbage pail songs about boners, burritos, and blasphemous musings, I cherish the freedom relatively cheap home recording equipment affords even the most demented composer. One such DIY music maker is John Dydo. Dydo aka "The Johns" compiled three of his EPs, Apologies By John DydoSketches of Paris, and Super Nature on one sixty minute tape and called it Level 2. This compilation is funny, intimate, and very rough - exactly what one would expect from a solo taper project. The songs range from the sorta pop, "Jimi Hendrix" to a stand-up comedy routine with lead guitar riffs, "Comedy Album" (which contains a few funny lines about R.E.M. by the way). Dydo's vocals will remind listeners of Calvin Johnson's off key baritone while the overall quality of the music will repel casual listeners leaving only devotees of the home studio aesthetic standing with ears wide open. If this is your cup o' tea, drink.

Mr. Dydo's packaging, if one could call it that, doesn't amount to very much. All he did was black sharpie over the commercial TDK j-card and wrote the credits with said sharpie.This is disappointing because, though no-fi no-budget stuff has a small level of charm, this collection could really benefit from some fun and/or clever artwork since the music features lots of jokes and silly material. I would love to see a brightly colored cartoon style accompany this tape in the future.

Listen and Buy HERE.

THE RAINBOW BODY "Metatron's Cube" c40 [The Rainbow Body Sound Lab]

VERY pleased to have received in the mail from Providence, RI the first release by Matt Kattman as The Rainbow Body. Yr reviewer is currently constantly shuffling between bay cities and this tape has made for some very PLEASANT late-night drives over the bridge. Solo guitar/e-bow working 100% in the kosmiche-mode, for me at it's best when most contemplative and slow burning, there's some bubbly overdrive stuff sprinkled in on-top too, but my top-shelf moments were when things were at their most calm.

Stream it here - http://therainbowbody.bandcamp.com/
Released as an edition of 100, grab this for $5 before it's gone

PS, this reviewer now has a car with a cassette deck, send along yr best driving tapes

SPEEDY ORTIZ "The Death Of Speedy Ortiz" c30 (self released)

Hey it's the early 90s!  There are all sorts of bands playing cool rock and roll again.  Speedy Ortiz is one of the better ones.  Less than a year old and already rocking it like it is the current year that it is: 1991.  I do not want any music that sounds like it comes from a year in the future like 2012, I want music only that sounds like it is 1991 or possibly a year in the future, like 1992.  Listen to this shit, it's really good rock and roll. LINK XXX

Fact: Babement exists

GRIEF ATHLETES/BRIDEBURGER "Split Cassette" c20 [No Label]

I received this tape a while back and if I remember correctly, it made its journey all the way from the UK. The metallic paint and feathers classily gooped on the front were certainly a sign of good things to come.
The first side titled "The Healing Power of Grief Athletes" works in three sections. The first is a kind of twisty, synth-drone bit built on a couple repetitive synth loops. However, the Athletes take every opportunity to whip blistered feedback all over the goddam place. The loops and feedback make an unnerving match as there's almost a shimmer to the synth but any hint of euphoria is smothered by the noise. The second section features echoing, scratchy percussion, whistling feedback and occasional synth bee-boopery. I probably prefer this slightly to the first section but I'm known to be partial basement scrapping. The third section is nice too, with a short bass loop and quietly undulating feedback initially, the band gets a little rougher before too long. There are a lot of cool elements on this side, even if they don't always come together totally seamlessly. Grief Athletes have all the makings to be a pretty interesting band, I'll be curious to see how they develop.
Brideburger's side is called "Untitled #6." What the hell's a brideburger? On second thought, I'm not sure I want to know. Brideburger is doomier than their counterparts on Side A. Sullen drones sigh against a wash of feedback until the dudes start raging. This definitely sounds good when you crank it up. The grim and grimy drone attack has the palpable essence of someone's dark and dingy subterranean underdwelling. Smoked for flavor.
You can buy this tape for 2, that's right 2, American dollars and according to the liner notes, the digital version is available from "the internet." Gotta love that dry British humour.

Gear Review - Greenwood Electronic HNW Tin Can.

Bought this from Dan Greenwood AKA Diagram A at this past Tuesday's show. As you can see from the picture this is a 9-volt powered tin can. Inside are two or three oscillators interconnected by tilt switches. Once you plug that battery in, the can is on and generating sound. Any slight tap scrambles the oscillations and makes the sounds freak out.

Depending on the angle of the can, you can get low end growls, repeating patterns of chirps, lots of clicks and other harsh sounds. Shaking and moving it around vary the results. Fun with strobe lights.

As far as my experience with boutique gear goes, this guy has a high bang-for-your-buck value sitting around $30.


Diagram A + Gastric Lavage - Forced March

The joining of two of Western Mass's most beloved institutions. Nothing here but the best. You get Dan Greenwood's sputtering and squealing homemade electronics, Chris Dooley's obliviated guitar feedback, shitty keyboard beats, deathly growls and quick n' nasty edits make this short 20 minute (?) tape crucial old school noise. Fast paced and dynamic. There's hints of metal abuse in the feedback. These men are insane.

Xeroxed, single-sided insert and spray painted case.

This one's for the purists.

The only contact you need: http://diagram-a-greenwood.blogspot.com/

DOLORES BOYS "Dolores Boys" c?? [Psychic Mule]

Like my fellow C-godz staffer Fog Tropes, I got this Dolores Boys tape in the mail and when I popped it in there was only 10 seconds of music on it. I did hear a Shadow Ring cover ("City Lights") from the tape on Free From Freakout and it sounded pretty cool. If whoever sent me this tape wants to send another one with music on it I will gladly check it out.
The tape came with 3-D glasses which you are to wear when viewing the nun's nipples on the cover. The 3-D doesn't really work but I suppose it's good to include a mildly entertaining gimmick like this if you're sending a blank tape for review.

I got one of these too, but I haven't checked it out yet, seeing as it had already been reviewed TWICE (and now a third time).  Granted, only one of those copies seemed to have music on it. Mike Barrett's review of the actual music XXX.  Fog Tropes review of the blank tape XXX. --OKF

Nicholas Rejack, "Monolith Transmission No. 0" (self-released)

According to wiki, a monolith is: a geological feature such as a mountain, consisting of a single massive stone or rock, or a single piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument. Nicholas Rejack's Monolith Transmission No. 0 is EXACTLY the sound of "a single massive stone." Hailing from Florida, Rejack's music is noise of the highest quality. There's not much information available about him or his music, but I can say that this is my favorite tape I've yet heard since joining CG. The gurgling static snow that begins the first side is the soundtrack to an over thinking headspace. A certain kind of thickness rumbles and clashes as if the music is overtaking the environment beyond one's physical location. I picked up a guitar and started jamming along with the drones coming out of my stereo. Rejack's composition wasn't meant to be listened to this way I'm sure, but I WANTED to be a part of it as it was playing. My jamming didn't last too long as I became involved with the subtle tonalities revealing themselves underneath the fuzz - one could say I was transfixed. Side B started a bit quieter and swelled at a gentle pace until, like the first side, the noise was all I could focus on. This wasn't over the top abrasive noise, just steady and dense soundscaping. Again conventional notes could be heard under the snap crackle of the top layer of grime. The piece on side b cuts off unexpectedly, leaving me with only my own silence to deal with. I loved every second of this tape.

Contact info HERE.

Distant Trains - Teen Lust
(Centipede Farm, Ed. of 50)

With a cover that looks like some late 80's hardcore demo, and a history of releasing more extreme noise/weirdo recordings, this tape by Distant Trains threw me for a loop. I was not expecting jangly, stoner basement indie rock. It goes to show you can't judge a tape by its cover, or a band by one split and a couple comp tracks. Teen Lust is strongly footed in mid to late 80's American post punk... you know, the likes of Mission of Burma and Volcano Suns, with a nod to Thrones and a little of that Temporary Residence Ltd sound.

The song that really grabbed me was "The Truth About Fire." Sandwiched between two dirges, "Effective Aperature" and "Grey Metal," its a quirky, jaunty tune with twee vocals. Its how the band takes sharp left turns after ever chorus into solos and jams that push at the edges of the band's song craft is what makes this the most exciting song on here. Managing to simultaneously reference Ween and the Lorelei singles on Slumberland.

The B side of the tape jumps genres a bit. "Want So Hard," a hazy southern rocker, is set right next to a white reggae instro, "Exquisite Mass Grave." "No Forests," like "Grey Metal," is a slow, drum machine and bass-heavy instrumental dirge.

Teen Lust touches on all sorts of nostalgia for me, having grown up in Western Mass and reveled in the glory days of local college radio stations like WAMH, WMHC and WMUA (which I still have a show on, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

File this tape right next to the Dolores Boys tape I reviewed a few weeks ago. Pop this one in your boom box and take it to that sweet swimming spot, and imbibe your substance of choice to discretion and chill. Repeat as necessary.

Scope the jams here.

Strange Maine - Portland

photo credit - 'the internet'

Strange Maine is one of the coolest little shops in the Northeast, and should be on the to-do list of anyone making the hour and forty five minute trek up to Portland from Boston...or wherever.  Ostensibly a record shop, but there's really so much more housed among the assorted ephemera.  This place is a real haven for VHS and cassette junkies in particular, but will surely appeal to vinyl lovers. The LPs are mostly used, but there are a few new discs by Maine artists.  The alphabetical browsers have some pretty generic (and cheap) records, but the new arrivals and oddball sections will surely have something you covet. The VHS selection is much more curatorial. An entire shelf is dedicated to films organized by label (Good Times, Anchor Bay, Vestron, etc...) and the rest are separated into genres and alphabetized all the way up to the ceiling.  Prices vary based on quality of the flick and rarity.  The audio cassette wall is stuffed with great stuff:  I've seen The Velvet Underground, Galaxie 500, Crispin Hellion Glover, Minor Threat, Public Enemy and Zappa in the last month, to name a few.  The small wall of contemporary underground cassettes is pretty cool (lots of touring bands leave  a tape when they play at the shop during the regular summer music events).  There are print and zine sections that are well stocked, a rack of vintage video games and systems, 8-tracks and many bins of self released noise CDrs.  The whole place is a real work of art, stuffed to the gills with weird artifacts and imagery (much of which resides in the 'permanent collection').  The 'found photo' box is one of the weirdest I've ever seen, and there are binders full of amateur artwork to browse through.  I'd also like to add that the three employees are all immenintely cool dudes, and talented folks in their own right: Brendan (Garm, Visitations), Skot (Id M Theft Able) and Mike (Coelacanth comic) have kept this place going for most of the 2000s, making it one of the most lived in shops of this kind I've ever been too.  Website

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Moody Lords, another record shop located right above Strange Maine in the old Time-Lag space.  They've got a lot of jazz, 60s rock, R&B/Soul and rap on vinyl as well as a few racks of ladies clothes and some circuit bent electronics.  There are some solid 'wall records' there.  Otto Pizza next door is pretty rad too if you can afford the $3+ slices and draft beers after a dat of record shopping.

"Young Christian Balls" c32 (Digitalis Ltd.)
"My Real Dad: Live in Nappa" c20 (self released)

What the fuck Guerilla Toss?  You guys rule!  Best band in Boston right now if you want my opinion.  These cats are perhaps the only ones out there who are taking Fat Worm of Error's Prime Time-styled excursions and building a new sound upon it, with designs on taking us past the Epoch-a-lypse.  Ever wish that band would be just a tad less skittish in the rhythm-section dept? (not me, maybe you?).  Well Guerilla Toss is your party-rock answer to the eternal question: what do you get when you cross music schools smarts with neon-egg running-down-your-face-on-the-tilt-a-whirl?  They've got two new tapes out that showcase two slightly different line-ups, both highlighted by the prog-as-fuck rhythm section of Peter Negroponte & Simon Hanes and the guitar and keyboard tandem of Ian Kovac & Arian Shafiee.  The earlier tape on Digitalis Ltd. is an absolutely incredible sounding instrumental recording that features great sax work by former member Andy Allen.  Better snap this one up soon cause it's one of the last releases on the Digitalis Ltd. imprint.  Try the label's website or experimedia...The self released tape isn't as crystalline a recording but already shows the GT gang moving on to bigger and better things with their new vocalist Kassie Carlson (who replaced Allen).  Look for a re-release of this coming soon on Spooky Town.

Become a believer xxx

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