SLASHER RISK "Richard's Blood" c20 (Heavy Psych Recordings)

I've heard a bunch o' buzz about Slasher Risk so i was psyched to see this tape in the pile of 'to review.' What's even better is I was listening to it at about 3:30 in the morning on headphones, can't think of a better listening environment.

The tape is two live sides, each 10 minutes, side one from Silent Barn in their hometown of brooklyn, the second side a little further up I95 @ AS220 in providence.
The first side, though it's their hometown, sounds like they're terrifying and torturing the audience a lot more than side two, part of this is because you can actually hear the audience. The band sounds really intense and intestine eating, with a barrage of electronics, drums and guitars hitting the audience right in the kisser.

The big down side is the audible audience intensity is definitely compromised by the recording quality making you feel like you're listening from the back of the room, like you can see limbs flying, teeth hitting the ceiling fan and toenails being chewed, you're just on the other side of the room. The second side has more or less the same ups and downs, but with a more prominent vocal / guitar sound and a bit higher quality recording.

These sides haven't necessarily revealed to me what the sonics of the band are due to the recording quality, but it is definitely evidence that these folks would be an intense live band and presumably an awesome listen with a little better engineering.

Printed in an edition of 50.
black and white cover with blood red label on white tapes.
Sold Out from the label: