"Slophaus Diver" C20 (Catholic Tapes)

This is really one of the best tapes I've heard in a while. 20 minutes of harsh, punishing noise created on an acoustic bass, found percussion, bass strings on metal, electric bass, electric guitar, and cello and recorded extra hot to create an electronic-like soundscape. I don't believe any post production work was done on this stuff and it was surely not needed. Young is the bassist in the esteemable free jazz trio Tiger Hatchery, and I picked this up on his solo tour with Hatchery drummer Ben Baker Billington (wish I'd got one of his tapes, cuz Quicksails his synth set was also through the roof). I'm a really big fan of acoustic noise, but not so much of bass solos, so it is a real testament to the quality of this music that I've played this thing a number of times. This will really hollow out your skull. Who needs all that excess grey matter anyhow?

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