DYLAN ETTINGER - "Botany Bay" c24 (NNA)

Dylan Ettinger continues his epic journey into future's past, with Botany Bay.Four brand neu interplanetary club jams, made from neon vapors and dolphin dreams.Treble-soaked synth excursions are headed straight for the sun, drizzled with ultraviolet arpeggios and sweaty, motorik beats.Put on your future shades and sink your fingers into the pink sand beaches, this is what summer vacation sounds like on a square planet.A place where gold chains have melted into vast oceans, waves ride surfboards, the giant fruit speaks, and the water drinks you.Everyone has a twin, and hologram animals are running shit.Botany Bay is something you would hear pumping from a dance club floating a mile up, and requires more than two feet for it's dance steps.A true minimalist sci-fi score in 5-D.Comparable to his New Age Outlaws LP on NNF, and all the more astral.This cassette is an ancient artifact sent from the future, excavated from a lost dimension, somewhere between 1980 and 3080.Ettinger has birthed yet another battery-powered newborn unto the world of electronic music.Fantastic
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