KEN SEENO - "Invisible Surfer On An Invisible Wave" C26 (NNA)

  The insanely talented Ken Seeno, somehow found the time to create this lush and expansive electronic album, for NNA Tapes.The last year or so has surely been a busy one for him, between touring and recording in his full-time gig, as 1/2 of Ponytail's guitar assault, although you won't find any tropical anthems or weirdo pop jams here.Invisible Surfer is a calm, collected batch of analog synths and keyboard modulations, swirling rhythms and dreamy landscapes.It's a very well crafted collection of deep swells and breezy sweeps, and the amount of vivid imagery this stuff will show you, is intense.There's a fair amount of nature samples lingering in the background.Birds, frogs, streams and other chirping critters, make a handful of appearances throughout the album, and accompany the shimmery drones quite nicely.There's little to no percussion, and zero driving beats in Seeno's music, but Invisible Surfer is still jam packed with deep movements and good, good vibes.Fans of OPN, Emeralds, and the like will totally fall in love with this tape.Perfect.