KEN SEENO - "Open Window" c48 (Watercolor)

Ken Seeno has already pumped out a handful of great releases in 2011, and it's only July.Open Window is his debut solo release for the fantastic Watercolor imprint.You may know him better for his tactical shredding, along side fellow axeman Dustin Wong and crew in Baltimore act, Ponytail.Seeno has adapted quite the patented style over the years, with a tight, razor sharp guitar tone, and a knack for mesmerizing free-pop freak outs.With his solo work, Seeno applies his quirky styling to a more laid back, droning electronic warble.Building on simple guitar chords and minimal noodling, he uses an array of buzzing synths and thudding sequencers to create something both fresh and compelling.Bits of minimalist kraut and electro are sprinkled throughout Open Window, with more than a few nods to Eno's "Another Green World", as well as his work with Cluster.Seeno's work is fairly modern sounding, utilizing a handful of digital synth modelling and analog machines, yet his music holds a very warm, vintage analog tone for the most part.Shadow is a subtle micro-house tune, and it the bpm's a bit with a miniature tropical electro beat.Swirling sine waves surround robotic 8-bit Casio blips, creating a colorful contrast that's very, very easy on the ears.Perfect for morning rituals and headphone escapism.Good vibes cover every inch of this.Get yourself a copy his stunning debut, here.