need help

I've always tried to avoid using Cassette Gods for "personal gain," but I'm booking a tour right now that has some serious holes in. This May my band Cave Bears is going on tour with an absolutely mindfucking juggernaut of a duo called Blue Sabbath Black Fiji.  If you set up house shows in one of the towns below where we "NEED HELP" and are cool with the date, maybe you'd consider writing me at

Sat 5/12 - Philadelphia, PA - NEED HELP
Sun 5/13 - Baltimore, MD
Mon 5/14 - Harisonberg, VA
Tue 5/15 - Asheveille, NC
Wed 5/16 - Atlanta, GA
Thur 5/17 - Athens, GA
Fri 5/18 - Carrboro, NC - Savage Weekend I
Sat 5/19 - Carrboro, NC - Savage Weekend II
Sun 5/20 - Richmond, VA
Mon 5/21 - Washington, DC - NEED HELP
Tues 5/22 - New Jeresey - NEED HELP
Wed 5/23 - New York, NY
Thur 5/24 - Hadley, MA
Fri 5/25 - Boston, MA