GEM JONES - "Symphony In P" c26 (CGI FRIDAY)

   Iowa City's Gem Jones returns with a fresh batch of decade-less whatever wave, in the form of "Symphony in P."If you are familiar with 2011's split cassette with Part Time Cruiser, then already you have some idea as to what you're getting into here, or so you'd think.Recorded straight to 4-track in 2010, Symphony's tunes blaze through a strange universe filled with forgotten genres, flashing it's brights at all sorts of eccentricities along the way, making for a terribly fun and interesting voyage.There is however a subtle, easygoing vibe that pumps throughout this cassette, and somewhere just beneath the rows of glitter cannons and after-hours space discos, this album's actually got a lot of heart and soul.

  Side A comes on strong with "My Nine To Five," a driving, funky tune that oddly resembles the better known 9 To 5.A propulsive, bouncy dance beat carries the layers of 80's synth leads and funky bass lines, and Gem's "psychediva" vocal delivery couldn't be more appropriate.His neon synth lines are loose and infectious, and work nicely with the spaced out guitar interplay.It kinda of sounds like a funkier version of Haunted Graffiti covering a Chic tune..or maybe an LSD influenced Rhythm Nation of sorts, with a hissy, warbled production that brings Gary War's more recent jams to mind.It's strangely addictive and more than a bit of fun, and I actually played this side three times before flipping it over.

  Side B starts off with the mellow, drifting "Ellegua/Black Resin," a shuffling tune bent on jazzy organs and scratchy funk guitars, and when that crawling bass makes it's way in, things are off to very good start.Over the next two tracks, Jones' moods shift and melt into a more sporadic and "jammy" zone, equipped with squealing guitar solos and blissful keyboard wizardry, there's plenty of tempo drops and changes, but it doesn't really ever lose it's soulful momentum.All in all another strange victory for Gem Jones, and another great release to add to CGI Friday's already bangin' catalog.
 Art by Gem Jones.Pro dubbed/printed tapes, mp3 download code included.Get one HERE.