William Clay Martin - "Future Street" (self-released) c20

Sound sculpting guitarist William Clay Martin has issued an answer to jungle insects fornicating in the flowers of exotic locales. With four pieces at not quite twenty minutes, Future Street isn't an epic, but it features some heavy (epicesque) six-string audio sketches. "Temporary Crown" is the most cinematic piece here, and the longest. Big distorto-chunks and crashing drums imply motion rather than explicitly state it. The tape offers both straight guitar and electronically "messed with" loops/tones. The mad-scientist computer lab vibe of some of the music is actually quite cool. This is a good, short ambient, drone, etc - so on & so forth cassette. Pleasant listening.

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XO press

i got a bunch of tapes from a label called XO press based out of kansas city with an overall dark and vile aesthetic judging from some of the music and the various album art on their bandcamp (junkies, boobs, cocks). heres what i have to say about a few of them -

robert plants dingleberry 

well… not exactly my favorite band name but the music is kinda neat and grew on me as it progressed. the jams are mostly instrumental with lots of processed (what i assume is) guitar and some blown out drum machine sounds that form messed up beats … some live drums in there as well. what i find the strongest about it are the various transitions/segues between "pieces" - very strong indeed. it's is worth checking out if you can get over the terrible band name and - hey - just to be clear, im a big fan of "oudsider noise jamz" as much as the next wierdo listening to home dubbed cassettes but i generally prefer to see it live unless its really damn special.

all blood - someone else's ocean

"this is the development of human eating habits and being buried alive" according to the insert in this fun tape of lo-fi 4 track pop jams. overall, it's not really my thing but the songs are well done and flow nicely into one another (always down for a caroliner shout out as well). these guys have 6 other releases so check em out if this is what you're into

meat mist/morse split

meat mist is a pretty cool spazzed out noise rock/no wave punk band. some really solid songs here however i have to say that this tape is a little too lo-fi for my liking - recorded live at the butcher shop (hey we have one of those in boston too!) - this music could possibly benefit from some pro-dubbing action (sorry to be a snot). Morse is band from france that i immediately like - sludgy guitar riffs, organ reminiscent of pere ubu, female/male vocal trading. however, the tape sounds like shit - get some tape head cleaning solution and a demagnetizer.. the constant warble and far-louder-than-the-music snaps and crackles are kinda painful. 

check out all the XO releases HERE

ES ASKEW "Looking For Love" CS
(Holy Page Records)

What a great idea. You've got to check out this archival release of Ed Askew material that spans the late 1960s to the early 2000s.  For those of you not familiar with Askew, he cut his sublime first record Ask The Unicorn in 1968 for legendary "out" label ESP Disk. His second record, the even better Little Eyes was shelved when the label experienced financial problems, but was finally released by DeStijl in 2005. The only other official release I've heard from this guy is the sparkling Imperfiction, a live set from the 80s that was released by Galactic Zoo Disk/Drag City a few years back.  I suppose his music fits best under the banner of "psych-folk," with it's conjuring of mystical images and all, but I hope that doesn't imply that it isn't directly emotional and moving.  I've heard that Askew never stopped recording, even though he is hampered by carpal tunnel syndrome, and this new limited edition cassette entitled Looking For Love finally sheds some light on what he's been up to in all intervening years.  You can stream the whole thing on bandcamp, but I highly recommend picking up a physical copy.

Zach Phillips - I Can't Predict My Past Actions (OSR tapes)

i've been wanting to share my love for this absolutely FASCINATING masterpiece of music since i first heard the CDR version last september. I CAN'T PREDICT MY PAST ACTIONS, by zach phillips further accentuates that the dude is definitely one of the most brilliant and virtuosic artists around. not only is he a pop wizard, with a completely unique take on the good old song writing craft (if you haven't checked out BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE by now, stop what your doing and loose your shit to it), but he is a talented COMPOSER as well. 

I have a lot to say about side A of the tape but im gonna contain myself and just hope that whoever is reading this will check it out for themselves. I generally don't really like to use the word "AVANT-GARDE" being that it has now (unfortunately) become a "genre" and a term that people seem to throw around when not being able to accurately describe something that they find aesthetically "odd" or "wierd" or whatever. but FUCK DUDE, this shit is AVANT in my book. I've never heard anything like it… if someone can point me in a similar direction i'll be DAMNED. what zach has done here is a SERIALIZATION of sorts between the letters (of the lyrics and various quotes) and pitches thus resulting in a non-repetitive 25 minute single track song that is completely mind blowing … in other words, zach has successfully combined "synth pop" with early/mid 20th century avant garde techniques. WHO ELSE HAS DONE THIS AND DONE IT SO DAMN WELL?? side B opens with a fabulously bizarre cover of CRY by johnnie ray and the four lads before launching into a 20 minute "processed instrumental version of side A" (as zach puts it on the OSR website). I'm not clear as to what the processing entails - but i trust its some HEAVY SHIT.

SO - i CLEARLY recommend this tape to anyone who has ever given a shit about anything ever. BUT - its not an "easy listen" per say - it deserves extreme attention. DON'T put this tape on while doing the dishes - sit down and carefully listen to the whole tape, note for note… and then do it AGAIN.. and get your MIND BLOWN. if this is what you're into - close, deep listening - then you will be in love with this masterpiece and you're faith in the future of music just might be restored because THIS is the FUTURE

buy the tape here. just do it. please

ALSO - if you happen to be in NYC on SUNDAY march 16th, BBB will be doing their record release show at 285 kent for their newest LP on the fabulous NNA tapes (i got a leaked version a few months ago from the man himself and it could possibly be my favorite thus far). other vermonters will be throwing down hard as well: happy jawbone family band, ryan power, and son of salami. SEE YOU THERE (fascist book event HERE)

COWBOY BAND (Lungbasket)

Is this the first CD ever to grace the pages of Cassette Gods? Maybe, and for God's sake don't expect this to happen too many more time, i.e. please don't mail me CD/CDrs. The first album by the Cowboy Band was just too good for me to refrain from sharing it with you all. These scrappy youngsters are like a cross between Tex Ritter and DNA (or more aptly, the Sun City Girls in full instrumental skronk mode). Highly recommended.

Raw Thug - "Black Walmart" (Loin Seepage)

In my year or so of posting reviews to this great cassette label resource I've had the pleasure of receiving a RUN THE GAMUT assortment of tapes from folks all over the world. I've gotten sharpie scrawled TDK lo-fi shoulder shrug music and I've gotten as professional a packaging as I ever remember buying up as a kid at K-Mart, but I've never gotten a tape in a sock until now. Loin Seepage is a new label to me (and thankfully I've never experienced actual seeping!) and damn if I'm not surprised by the presentation. The artist is Raw Thug (I presume) and the album is titled Black Walmart. The sock came in a red paperback by the way...see image...anyway, the music is of the concrete stylie, with voice chatter loops, sirens, general clang, some musical instruments (sax, drums, keys), you name it all whizzing and circling 'round. Kind of sorta very JOHN & YOKO...minus the nude cover art. I like this shit, but its certainly meant for a limited audience. Oh, and thanks for the socks!


Fat History Month - Safe & Sound (Hidden Temple Tapes)

matt robidoux and olivia kennet are the master minds behind one of my new favorite back yard labels called HIDDEN TEMPLE TAPES. Matt was kind enough to give me a bunch of new HT releases at a SPEEDY ORTIZ show a few weeks ago in boston so i'll try my best to return the favor by giving a shout to the (new tape) of (old stuff) by the boston based sloppy "sad rock" (not emo) duo FAT HISTORY MONTH.

A few biases here: FHM has a cult following, and I am part of that cult. I've probably listened to FUCKING DESPAIR (their vinyl LP debut in 2011 on SOPHOMORE LOUNGE) hundreds of times and know just about every word to all the songs. On top of that, Sean and Mark (the two wonderful/miserable fucks that make up the band) are my dear friends and I love them to death.

So here we have another brilliant release/(sort of) reissue called SAFE AND SOUND that is a MUST HAVE for anyone that likes this band or thinks they might be interested in liking them. It's somewhat different from their studio masterpiece FUCKING DESPAIR in that it's stripped down and raw, even bluesy at times - somewhat more similar to their live performance. As usual, the song writing, lyrical intellect, sound quality, and performance is absolutely STELLAR - the tunes are sad and beautiful, and loose enough to differentiate themselves from the usual cold and stiff "indie rock" duo groups that try to achieve this aesthetic. call me crazy FHM fans, but this could be favorite release of theirs thus far… 

so if you are a PAINED SOUL with a sense of humor that can relate to sad rock music then this tape is highly recommended, as is all of FHM's releases. SO GIT EM SOON BECAUSE THEY TEND TO SELL OUT VERY QUICKLY!




FHM has a new record coming out on sophomore lounge/exploding in sound called BAD HISTORY MONTH and they are going on 6 WEEK TOUR with PILE… scope a preview of the new record on their bandcamp page and make sure to see them in a town near you:

4/12 TEMPE AZ 
4/15 AMARILLO TX - THE 806 
4/17 AUSTIN TX - 

Fire Retarded/The New Years Gang - split (Kitschy Manitou Records)

I'm constantly reminded of the many hours spent enthralled by rock 'n' roll. All the permutations of rock too, not just narrowly defined genres, sub-genres, or trends, but literally ALL...Rock music is basically what I call anything with heart, spirit, and volume. I like it loud! I also like to hear creative people raging with six-strings. When I pick up a guitar it is a weapon of therapy. When I listen to music it is therapy. The best form of art is music...there I said it. Anyway, the point is that rock will continue on forever. Good bands will come and go. Craptastical bands will come and go. All that really matters is people expressing themselves. No judgement. And yet, here I am in a position of assigning value to musical sounds dubbed to tape.

Kitschy Manitou Records is sending out the rock from Madison, WI. The label seems fairly new, at least new to me, and they definitely specialize in the punk, fuzzed-out garage, VOLUME smear I call rock. They put out a split by Fire Retarded/The New Years Gang that caught my ear. I liked the Fire Retarded side better. The band offers up some noisy riffs and a few decent arrangements. Check out "Looks & Locks," which is my favorite song on the whole album. Good playing. The New Years Gang is more on the "punk" part of the color wheel. They aren't revelatory or anything, but they make a decent racket. I guess it comes down to a matter of taste. For me, askew punk-garage is more interesting than more "normal" punk, but to each his own...

Banana Pill - s/t - Full of Nothing

Shit, did I format this correctly? Are we on the air? Fuck man ...

OK, Full of Nothing = near-perfection of the tape artform, slinging longform experimental productions straight-outta Russia by weirdites like Polypus Acephalous and M. Geddes Gengras. Banana Pill are worthy successors to the FoN kingdom, forming basic elements like string drones and guitar higgelty-piggelty into odd, strangely tense drones that spin around like tornadoes and shoot the legs off cows (if you're into Battlefield Earth).

A bit like Plankton Wat if you're keeping track, but definitely perched on a ledge all their own, Banana Pill slowly dissolve into your bloodstream and won't be leaving anytime soon. It's not that the guitar is earth-shattering by any means; it's more what they do once the riffs are established that will cause you to keep listening inventively. At one with the tribe, I pass into the shadow world ...

4 X Constellation Tatsu

Constellation Tatsu is a crazy productive label. Recently I opened a box sent by them with two big stacks of their recent tapes. It was almost too much music! Instead of trying to speed through all of the albums and give the artists a sentence or two here, I thought I would review the Nov/Dec batch and recommend that you electronic journeymen (and women) out there go exploring each release from the label's already expansive catalog to find the pieces that GET YOU GOING.

Right away I'm intrigued by Food Pyramid's Live/Dead, which HAS to be a conscious allusion to a Grateful Dead album of the same name. Given that reference point, I'm not surprised by the hallucinatory nature of the two side-long pieces on the tape. It is a live album, but damn, it sounds great (tho additional recording was done later). Waves of note clusters (almost literally) wash over you as ya listen. I would have been in a trance had I been at the Bakken Museum of Electricity in Minneapolis.

Next I find myself in the gentle, but forward moving world of Samantha Glass' Rising Movements. This is some head-nodding electronic music, but not the kind I feel like embarrassing myself with dance over.  Glass' tape might be one of the best releases on CT. The artwork is cool too.

Mitchell Turner's Cascade is the quietest tape of the four. Soft, sometimes "80s" synth pads and cosmos key zips all roll, rise, and fall in an ice fortress of a listen. This will be great for relaxation, methinks. There are guitars too! They manage to sound like how raindrops SHOULD sound.

Finally, I'm listening to the sold out split release by EN and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. EN's "Blood" is nearly thirty minutes of minimalism/drone. JCL worked off parts of EN's composition to come up with the "Blood Variations" on side B. This is an impressive collaboration. I love hearing artists work together. Overall, the music isn't going to be for everyone, but for those of you who are patient, quality music will enter your earholes!

Buy and Listen HERE.

Chris Weisman - Maya Properties (OSR tapes/Youtube???)

hey - im new around here and this is probably considered blasphemous but chris weisman has paid his cassette dues if ya ask me so im gonna do this anyways...

i spent the better half of my day listening to the entirety of "maya properties", a 3 hour, 11 part, 88 song YOUTUBE ONLY album by the prolific brattleboro based song-writer chris weisman.

it changed my life

(youtube only is a "lie": maya properties is available thru zach phillip's OSR tapes as an mp3 download for the sliding scale donation price of $0.00-$1,000,000,000,000,000,000 [infinity] and i'll be reviewing three of OSR's newest tapes in the next few days so it seemed appropriate to mention this gem.)

listen here
donate/download here

3 X Haute Magie

Back for more dabbling in the diabolic darkness with the vaguely occultish cinema music released by Austin's Haute Magie label...I've got three cassettes staring at me, asking for air time...can I handle the nouveau relica? First up is the debut album by The Blood Wisdom, Fall/Rise (The Twin Inside). This is heavy rock - not metal or anything like a genre would fully embrace - but just HEAVY vibe, bleak atmospheres...I'm intrigued by the use of organ lines, acoustics, and pure electronic production built around menacing guitar riffs and delicately "alternative" vocal melodies. Score! 

Next is Bathaus' Bastien, which is exciting for me because I really enjoyed the last offering from the B. This cut-up, electro-sampledelic tape is another top notch collection. I'm an admitted fan, but fans of the electronic arts should dive into this cassette soon. Finally, I have OObe's Delphi to digest, then I'm done for the evening...more darkly dance&paste electronic music. Different from Bathaus for sure, but working on a level similar to my ears...hallucinatory passages and steady beats. By now I know that Haute Magie is a label that cares a great deal about putting out well-designed and adventurous tapes. The artists are going to give you something to talk about...so sample some of the releases above, you will likely find more than just a few quality jams.

Buy and Listen HERE.

RS2090/Mooninite - "split" (Hel Audio)

The split from RS2090 and Mooninite released by Utah's Hel Audio is an intriguing midnight listen. Electronic abstractions from RS2090 offer a wide-spectrum of samples, pounding beats, and nocturnal keyboard transmissions. The mix is pleasing and even surprising in parts as the club meets the cosmos. On Mooninite's side the darkness manifests itself even more. "Moonlets," for example, feels of sleep deprivation, it is woozy and forward moving at the same time. I'm very much in a new world as the tape plays. There's a lot to hear on this tape as 60-minute cassette (20 more minutes of music than the digital version) is jammed with atmospheres. If you're into 2am riffs, this is a tape worth exploring.

Buy and Listen HERE.

Existentia Cicada - S/T (Swan City Sounds)

When you get into the thick of it, Existentia Cicada’s self titled release out on Swan City Sounds is a pit. The listener gets lost in the loop, and the fragmented memories of this tape seem to buzz in harmony much like Cicadas might.

Guitar noodling and bedroom pop vibes reminiscent of Atlas Sound and early Teadorra Nikolava recordings are present on this little ripper and the overall aura of this opaque orange magnetic box is pleasant. This work resides somewhere between unfishined and not fully realized though. This feels more like a collection of the aftermath rather than a singles and rarities work. So if you are ready for some real meditation you will need it to fully understand where this work is going.

This stuff is nice to listen to while multi tasking and worth your time if you have some to give. Pop sensibilities are there but put away, and Cicada bumbles along as he sheds his skin. It’s spring all the time, let the lenses flare, and the cold beers pop open. 

Buy/Listen HERE

WHITE LIMO "Whomohw" LP (Fogged Recods)

Great first release from Fogged Records, a new label, based out of Western Massachusetts.  White Limo* is an electronic music trio of Chris Cooper on treated guitar, Jess Goddard on Keyboard and Josh Vrysen on tapes.  The group creates a buzzing and whirring insectoid pinball sound.  Cooper and Goddard are former members of Caroliner and currently hold court with Fat Worm of Error.  Vrysen has performed steadily as Tumble Cat Poof Poofy Poof.  This is a somewhat challenging listen, but I would recommend it to fans of aleatoric music and old school modem startup sounds.

*Sometimes appears as White Limousine And Impatient Truck Plus Special Guest

http://foggedrecords.blogspot.com/ ---> online sales

White Limo also appears on a new 3 way split LP with Paul Flaherty and Sam Gas Can, out now on Feeding Tube Records

Belarisk - On Amorphous Dawn (NNA tapes)

first off - i had no intention whatsoever of writing about belarisk - on amorphous dawn, nor did toby or matt send it to me to review (hell, the last thing NNA needs is a bum like me reviewing their tapes for cassette gods - those dudes get all the press they need, and deservingly so). I merely popped this tape on, lit a cig, sat on the couch and starting playing macbook chess when two minutes later - the computer is off, another cig is lit, eyes are closed and i am lost in the dark ambient world of LEE EDWARD TINDAL, the genius behind the music. 

lee has released a slew of tapes and has been playing under various names (zerfalt, mutation in the gryd, etc) since i moved to boston 4 years ago. although i've seen him play quite a few times and own 7 of his releases, it was only recently that I introduced myself to him at a show in providence (where he now resides by way of boston) - the man is as sweet as his music is.

on amorphous dawn is a unique and skilled, utterly beautiful take on analog and digital synth music that covers many spectrums of the genre. my personal favorite parts are the "hooked on bach" (and methodone)-esque moments that are featured more on the A side. However the tape as a whole flows flawlessly from noise, to ambient tonality, and everywhere in between and is extremely well thought out and composed. 

so yea.. i felt it necessary to give this tape a shout and as always, i'm looking forward to seeing what NNA releases next… :D


at first glance, judging by the art on the packaging, i thought this would be some synth jam tape - however i was pleasantly surprised when I popped it in the deck while getting my valentines day on and let it loop for a while before giving it a focused listen.

WEAKWICK are an impressive "noise rock" (cheesy term, i'm aware, but i'll be throwing it around from time to time so get used to it) duo from Minneapolis (home of the great SKOAL KODIAK). Somewhat standard instrumentation makes up this outfit - one dude on guitar and vocals and the other credited as playing drums and synth (I assume separately from drums? overdubbed etc. ?) There is little information to be found about these guys on the internet, a somewhat un-explored bandcamp and soundcloud page as well as a killer video of them on youtube from this past january with not nearly enough views as it deserves. given the note that they sent along with the tape, these recordings were made a little over year ago, and i'm just going to assume that they were a relatively new band at the time. If that's the case, then WEAKWICK is off to solid start for sure. the music itself has some obvious odes to early sightings, and at times has the same rhythmic intensity of lighting bolt (obvious comparisons - i'm aware). certain tracks focus more on intense quasi hardcore and punk based grooves and guitar parts while others feature intense repetition (synth, loops, repeated drum figures) as a canvas for screeching guitar, feedback, noises, etc. the latter are the tracks that i'm most fond off (side A ends with a gorgeously brutal repeated synth figure while being beaten to death by what i assume is the guitar). I'm not as keen on the punker side of things - the more conventional "noise rock" songs, however thats just my personal taste… don't get me wrong - these tracks are extremely strong and well composed.

 Overall, I recommend this tape to anyone who can relate to my psycho babble that is this "review".. however, i'm not quite sure WHERE you can get this tape. maybe contact the band thru bancamp or something? They have also recorded another tape this past fall that I am curious to here. WEAKWICK - a promising band for sure, welcomed in new england anytime (tour this way boys!)

2 X Crudités Tapes

The French label SDZ Records has a cassette imprint called Crudités Tapes which has a couple of fine releases of the analog family. Industrial in parts, electronic blippity-boppity here and there, and warm all over, The Spectrometers album Off is a thumper of listen. The group is clearly indebted to bands like Cabaret Voltaire and Suicide, which isn't a bad thing necessarily, yet they concoct a set of pieces that combine elements of stuff we've all heard before into a satisfying new whole. The title composition frames the album in mystery static as it is also the finale, but in between is good, quality music. I'd like to seek out more works by The Spectrometers.

ILth Zongz's The demolition of a ghost is like listening to a noir-industrial soundtrack. ILth Zongz is Chicagoan Christopher ILth (Functional Blackouts, Daily Void) and the album was made with reel-to-reel collages according to the label. I'm impressed. This sounds way more digital and as each track is simply titled "Song 1-9" we as listeners are encouraged to draw our own conclusions. Both tapes add a great deal to the musical dialog of our times.

Buy and Listen HERE.

(Cookies N' Cream)

Cookies N' Cream Records

The first song includes line "Tripping on a sunday, turned into a snowflake". Okay, duly noted. Stupid? Give it time.  Its hard not to quote, and ultimately like, this band. A deep, Bowie-esque voice through some kind of delay and queasy shiny guitar seem to be the only tools utilized at first. A drum machine kicks in on the 3rd piece 'Song for America (Fuck You)', the deep vox continue with some live psychedelic effects. "I love this country and I love all the people except you and you and you...you guys all suck, you fucking pieces of shit." Song #4, 'Saved by the Smell', and I'm thoroughly appreciating the sense of humor of this album...John Maus/Ariel Pink are definitely an influence on some of the sounds and the silliness, the drug humor, the dramatic singing. Its a bit shapeless at times- but some days you prefer a marshmallow that's melting into a creamy froth on top of the hot chocolate. Second side keeps rocking the drifty waltzes through twin infinite scrims with sudden stoned inspirations. There is a song called 'Starving Vampire in a Post Apocalyptic World' and the cover depicts a ring of cherubs cavorting around a guillotine.

Lovebrrd - "JODOCUS" (Holy Page Records)

Dark synth (as tagged by label) is right! Holy shit this is a moody, scary listen. The music on JODOCUS is intense and haunted. Lovebrrd is the project of Patrick McBratney, the dude from the Lava Church label, and this being the second project of his I've ever heard, I'm impressed by the radical differences the two tapes (see my previous LC review). The synth lines and atmosphere's are evocative and keep the listener guessing. Final word: I don't know who or what "Jodocus" is, but the inspired music that came about because of it is damn interesting.

Buy and Listen HERE.

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The Dictaphone - S/T (Tolmie Tarrapin Press)

nick williams passed this very cool tape on to me with a hunch that i'd enjoy it. and that i did. from what i gather, the dictaphone is a french band with a handful of releases on various formats. first off - i'm a sucker for pictures of satanic goat head mask wearing dudes that are holding babies… or maybe its a unicorn mask… not sure.. but i LIKE it. the different tunes vary nicely on the dark noisy psych synth punk whatever spectrum - enough so to keep the listener fully engaged and i must add that over all sound quality/production of this tape rules as well. of course a residents cover is always cool too. this tape has been out since april, 2012 on a neat label called tolmie tarrapin press (from ohio??).. who knows - maybe there are only a few copies left of this little gem so pick em up here while you still can:

3 X Bleeding Gold Records

Damn fine surprise to find a box of 7"s waiting for me...Legit California label Bleeding Gold releases a lot of, what I consider, "classic" rock sounds. Not meaning LED ZEP or HENDRIX or FLOYD, but just good ol' guitars and singing bands/artists. The label also has a couple of wild cards up their sleeves as well. Lately, I can't find the time to sit down and listen to huge stacks of stuff, so I'm going to highlight three quality releases with the hope that you READER will stumble upon Bleeding Gold's other good catalog items.

The smilelove/Beachniks split is "classic" in the sense that The Vaselines or Beat Happening are pretty much "classic" at this point. Girls with guitars, singing in perhaps faux "naive" voices just sounds GOOD. smilelove are from Japan and sing in their native language. It sounds great, but I need some lyrical translations...Shonen Knife anyone? Beachniks are a quartet of 2 girls and 2 guys. Their sound is more K records than smilelove!! Yet, all of this doesn't bother me 'cause it's just a good party.

David Warren's The Knife is a spoken word/sorta humming set and wow I LOVE IT. The surreal(ish) storytelling and drone-music add up to a unique listen, pure voice & minimalism. It's like listening to 3am secret inner monologues. Plus the cover drawing is a wonderful black & white cartoon that compliments the audio contents perfectly. The "across the pond" accent also adds a bit more poetic weight to this set. I don't know how I'd feel if it was some NYC dude chatting...

Laurie Hulme is Songs for Walter and his music combines the introspective elements of loner-folkies with the arrangements of someone with bigger ambitions. His five songs on Meet Me at the Empire feel personal and inspired by the rawness of life. His pseudonym is a dedication to his grandfather Walter and the cover photo makes me think I'm listening in on family stories set to music. This is a keeper. 


SKIMASK "Cute Mutant" LP
(Sophomore Lounge, Infinity Cat, 100% Breakfast)

Skimask is a noisey and slop-fried punk band from Boston that forgoes the use of stringed instruments, though you might not guess based on the racket they create. The drums anchor the music with bombastic rhythms and all the riffs are provided by one member singing through pedals while another sings the lyrics.  Regardless of how they get their sound, this shit rocks! The first Skimask full length is called Cute Mutant and it's available as a threeway vinyl release from Sophomore Lounge, Infinity Cat and 100% Breakfast.

Listen or order vinyl HERE

The Drunken Draculas - "Dead Sounds" (Old Monster Records)

Halloween rock in February seems a little off to me, but shit...I'll go with it...Released on trick or treat day 2012, The Drunken Draculas' Dead Sounds have fun with their frightfest imagery and garage-band sound. This full-length album is EXACTLY like you would expect, so no unwanted surprises await those of you yearning to expand your Halloween party playlist. "Dracula Stole My Gal" and "The Tranny was a Zombie" are my two current faves, but I'm sure I'll punch this album up again in October...demented...

Buy and Listen HERE.

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Great Valley - Continental Lunch LP (FEEDING TUBE RECORDS)

howdy! this is my first review for the fabulous cassette gods.. however, i'm not reviewing a cassette, but instead a FINE LP by the ever so delightful GREAT VALLEY from brattleboro, VT. 

First off - brattleboro fucking RULES right now.. it is perhaps the best place IN THE WORLD to find genuine weirdo (avant?) pop music (or whatever you wanna call it). great valley, happy jawbone, chris/kurt weisman, blanche blanche blanche, ruth garbus,  ETC - i mean C'MON.. how all of these far out people ended up in the same place is a mystery to me, but it seems to be working out for em. 

ANYWAY… great valley… YES… CONTINENTAL LUNCH is their newest release on the mighty FEEDING TUBE RECORD label from northampton (a fine label indeed). this record is just utterly fantastic from start to finish.. i can't even count the amount of times i've listened to it since i bought the record at GV's release show in boston last weekend. SANDRA'S RAGE is perhaps my favorite track on SIDE A - a whacked out psych pop ditty with a gary wilson-esque psycho babble section followed by a beautifully orchestrated minimalist, ambient sort-of jam… a TASTY cup of tea for sure. SIDE B - opens with a wonderful pop tune that ends with an ADORABLE shout out to all of GV's brattleboro homies. I could easily go into each song individually, but you get the point, and i'm running out of stokey adjectives .. but long story short - this album is a MASTERPIECE if you're into this kind of stuff. 

GV has released a TON of albums and ep's in the last 5 or so years, all of which are definitely worth checking out, however I consider this record to be their finest achievement thus far, in that they have really found a UNIQUE formula and aesthetic to their ever evolving sound. check em out live (currently on tour for a few weeks) and visit them and everyone in brattleboro… not only are the people there making awesome music, but they are totally RAD and HUMBLE folks .. and JOEY PIZZA SLICE just moved there so YEA.. go visit and give em all hugs if you can… and go sledding or something

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SYRINGE STICK-UP MAMA LP (72826 Productions)

One of the most bizarre and assaultive records I've heard in a long while.  This is particularly impressive because it's not really a noise or punk record, but in fact some insanely twisted hip hop from Australia.  The label, 72826, has already compiled a dossier on their new vinyl compilation release of Syringe Stick-Up Mama, which I've enclosed below. 72826 is from down under too, but the record ships from Canada, so you US customers can ORDER in confidence that it won't cost too too much.

In early 2004 Syringe Stick-Up Mama, Latch Key Kid and Bag Snatcha formed a partnership in a mansion in Canley Vale. Within months they released a series of demos and played their 1st show at Rooty Hill Residential Gardens for Spanish Speaking Frail Aged. However, due to recurring altercations between Bag Snatcha and audiences, they played their final show at Caringbah Bizzos, and the group split up. 

At Christmas 2004, although the crew had split, they released the album they had been working on, Dealers to Nodders. This was funded from charity rorts and stripping copper from factories. The album features guest appearances by Midnight Stabber, who Syringe Stick-Up Mama met in Borders where Midnight Stabber was dakking an 'Introduction to Post-Colonialism', and the wholesome Flora, who Bag Snatcha met at a Christmas carols sing-a-long at Northcote Nursing Home in 2003. Long since sold out, that highly sought after CD remains an important artifact of experimental hip hop from Australia and the majority of it along with a select few other songs have been rescued from obscurity and remastered for vinyl. Tastefully packaged in a newly designed sleeve; it also includes an insert with lyrics and liner notes. All copies come shrinkwrapped and affordably priced. Cloaked in mystery, little is known about the Syringe Stick-Up Mamas. Their violent and outrageous on-stage antics are now legendary. They were certainly pretty out-there and insane. And highly original. From Australia, no less. A bit rough around the edges, but severely kooky. First pressing of  300 copies on black vinyl.

"Yeah it's off tap. The dopest speed psychosis I've ever heard." --UN Hun on ozhiphop.com
"It’s seriously bent. It’s without doubt the most twisted and fucked up piece of music that I've heard in ages. I mean that in an inquisitively endearing way... It’ll scare the hell out of anyone who hears it. You thought that Necro and his crew were nasty! Well, think again… Imagine if Curse ov Dialect were grafted with a Mexican hardcore Brujeria and then hooked up with the sensibility of TISM, then you get some idea of this madness. Funny shit. I've warned you. I seriously don’t know what anyone will think of this. It’s original and so flipping weird that I can’t tell whether it’s absolute shit or fucking genius. It’s unlike anything you've ever heard." --Blaze (Mental Combat Mag/Hype Mag/Next Level Records)
"Straight up the byproduct of years of shooting smack into your eyeducts." --stylelistiks on ozhiphop.com
"Possibly the greatest thing Fragmented Frequencies has ever heard ever, in the history of ever, is [...] Syringe Stick Up Mama. [...] Whilst the rest of the album is an erratic blast of unhinged politically incorrect and at times verbally abusive socially conscious hip hop, with breathless and stupidly fast rhymes over inventive, dense and at times break-core beats, 'I Shit On Ya!' takes everything to an entirely new level. It’s a level so dangerous and inventive that the air up there is so thin that few ever get there, and those that do can’t remain there for too long. It starts normal enough (or at least normal in the context of this album which anywhere else would be very very weird), with a bit of Eastern European accented ranting over industrial 4/4 beats, yet then the real ranting begins, the music stops, almost like it gives up, knowing that it can’t even begin to compete with the genius that is about to follow. Or flow. It’s a torrent of abuse for the next eight and a half minutes, a' cappella ranting as the MC lets all those pent up grudges out, and it’s like opening the floodgates as we get swamped until we can barely breathe. ‘Cunts who are too weak to burn bridges, I shit on ya,’ ‘anyone who’s name starts with the letter a I shit on ya,’ he rails. Yet this is a far reaching totally insane and unfocussed rant so everything is fair game. You dobbed on him in kindergarten? Guess what? He remembers and shits on ya. No one is spared, even the ‘sissy’ who turned off the sound on the mic because he was spitting at the Empress the other week, or a pizza place who doesn't put enough spinach on his pizzas. That’s right, he shits on ya. By about five minutes his flow gets scattered, he loses track, tangents away and any semblance that this was ever music, and not just a random potty mouthed unhinged lunatic is gone. What makes it so great is of course that it’s hilarious and wrong, but mostly because there’s no censorship or polish. This is not studio trickery or even rehearsal. This is straight up pure improvisation. This music is blood pouring from a wound and no one’s bothering with band aids." --Bob Baker Fish (Fragmented Frequencies)

My name is Pete

Hi, my name is Pete. I play in the band Guerilla Toss. Send me your awesome tapes and records. I like noise rock and shit and new age synth jams and whatever. I definitely want to review them bro!

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ANDRE FOISY - "After The Prophecy" C27 (Land of Decay)

  I've been sitting on this one for a bit, and I couldn't be happier about it's recent unearthing. This cassette had it's hooks deep in me straight out of the gate, and didn't let go until it was over.
  The exhilaration of The Great Disappointment and Call To Clarion:Flee That Flood, immediately rushes at you with dense layers of eerie acoustic, electric and mandolin repetitions, coupled with deep swells of harsh feedback and driving percussive elements. Once things get moving, and the proggy guitar chops and meditative hand percussion enters the picture, it starts to remind me of the druggy approach of earlier Grails, Can, Hawkwind and other jammy/heavy psychers, respectfully. Always teetering on a thin line between well planned material, and on the spot improvisation.

  After a lengthy swirl of tempo drops and key shifts, things eventually wither away, and Foisy leaves us with a brittle, hissy guitar ambiance that sounds like it's playing through a busted AM radio. This heavily treated noodling goes on a while, shedding and expanding upon itself, until somehow completely morphing into a cavernous drone. As the many layers slowly begin to burn off, the subtle echo of an acoustic melody appears and takes the reigns, closing out the track with an icy, desolate vibe. Excellent release. Fans of Fripp/Eno's output and similar guitar drone/ambiance won't want to miss this one. Recorded 2007. Program repeats on both sides. Edition of 250 pro-duplicated cassettes with color j-cards. 
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The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage - "Shit Surf" (Vikings on Campus)

I don't usually like retro-y type bands or artists, but there is something kind of charming about lo-fi surf punk sounds coming from landlocked Tulsa, OK. The Fabulous St. Knicholas Cage create quite a racket and their five song blazing Shit Surf EP has some charm to it. The title alone evokes images of a giant brown wave off the coast so that's cool. The songs are scuzz/psyche for sure and was apparently recorded on a reel-to-reel, which could explain the convincingly archival sound. The tune titles are also firmly tongue in cheek ("Bloody Beach Blanket"), so the band is in on the joke of it all. YEP, Fun listening...

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Special People - "Plant" (self-released)

When guitars get rude...Special People's Plant is a grungey & grimey listen. Reminds me of what I thought "Seattle" sounded like before I actually heard bands from that particular part of the world. Special People are not from the Northwest (Baltimore, MD in this case), but DAMMIT I kinda wish they were...no, I don't...This cassette is hitting me at the right time. I want to hear fuzz boxes again. Tracks like "Fade into Mind," "Crucial Decision," and the six-minute closer "Truth Decay" have hints of the psychedelic amidst all the punk energy. Really a damn fine guitar band album. Cool. Grab one of these limited tapes before they become extinct! 

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