Son of A Bricklayer - Moose Without Antlers c24

Son of a Bricklayer was a name I was unfamiliar with but upon receiving Moose Without Antlers with its stunning orange shell and beautiful artwork I was excited to hear what I was seeing. Moose Without Antlers may be the intriguing name that I never understand - possibly the name of a weird sex position, one could only imagine. At first listen this tape blew me away. I am a fan of the drum and this album delivers - pure dream drum beats like I have not heard in a long time - tight breaks and slamming beats that knock off the ghetto blaster speakers. Deep down I realize this is the tape I've been dying to receive. Not just a drum and bass type of album - this features fantastic soundscapes that are alluring and hypnotizing. They complement the beats in such a way that I feel is uncommon in the realm of cassette culture. Well produced tape with beautiful artwork. Congrats I had An Accident for another great release.

Babelfishh - Eyeless Terror c32

Babelfishh has a long history of working with some great producers within the beat/hip hop scene. Split releases with Astronautalis, Oskar Ohlson, Tenshun, Filkoe, BeastMaster, and Edison have all shown the diversity of his talents. Eyeless Terror is not a typical beat album. In fact, its hard to call it such as all - blending thrash metal and noise into the beat style Eyeless Terror sounds more like a straight up noise album with thrash style lyrics. Self proclaimed garage racket the opening track "Vomiting Wallets" starts off with an intense guitar riff followed by a rattling of words and a crushing beat all behind a tenable noise frequency - this track really brings you into the entire album - each track following further identifies Babelfishh as out of the ordinary. Artwork was printed on hemp paper and features a collage style scene of a raccoon with knives and an eyeless George Washington. The tape itself is on lime green tapes - a rarity that I haven't seen much before. By far a surprising release that will receive much play in the tape deck.
Purchase this from I had An Accident Records for a mere $5

EKLIN - "Onwa" c45 (Night-People, 2011)

Yet another total winner from Shawn Reed's Night-People imprint.This one is a real gem, too.Eklin is a fairly new Dutch band, and their newest opus, Onwa, is a much needed breath of VERY fresh air.They are completely unique in style, and it's almost impossible to pinpoint any of their musical influences.They've got this really ethereal, cavernous vibe going, sounding completely natural and organic almost always, with very minimal instrumentation, leaning heavily on they rich beauty of singer Lo's soaring vocal arrangements.Her voice is just incredible.Eklin are an absolutely perfect machine when it comes to the rhythm section, with tightly syncopated percussion doing most of the work, with deep pocket grooves, and more then enough kraut-like pounding.and light and airy guitar flourishes that trickle down into the tiny cracks.Icy blue synths flow in and out of the songs smoothly, sounding like they're underwater and rising to the surface, if only to accompany the howling breeze that is Lo's voice.There is little to no contrast here on any front, and Onwa is anything but contrived.Some parts of Onwa are similar to the primitive minimalism of Gang Gang Dance, but even that comparison doesn't do this justice.Eklin are definitely doing something painfully unique and fresh, and this amazing cassette is worth every penny.Expect plenty of chills.Get it from Night-People.

MOFODiSHU - "Rhythm is for Gals / Live at the Court Tavern" c90 (Nacht Records)


MOFODiSHU (moe-foe-dee-shu) is a free-noise/jazz/what-have-you quartet (at times a trio) that hails from New Jersey. This here bare-bones limited edition cassette brings together two of their previously released digital albums: Rhythm is for Gals and Live at the Court Tavern. Their interplay of scorched analog noise, buzzing guitar, and enlivened reed work, at first, took me back to what I imagined the Wolf Eyes & Anthony Braxton album was going to sound like when I first caught wind of it several years ago. It’s been so damn long since I’ve actually heard that album, so I’m not necessarily going to throw that out there as an apt reference point, but MOFODiSHU certainly do share a thing or two with these towering figures: lurching atmospherics, skewed melodic lines that cut straight through, and a clear understanding of tension and dynamics. As this c90 spins out, though, you begin to hear more of their laptop/turntable, generally ambient, flourishes come to the fore, which calls to mind some of the more abstract and forward-thinking jazzbos on the Rune Grammofon label. So like Supersilent, for instance, MOFODiSHU doesn’t really fit comfortably into any genre-specific box. This here’s a solid introduction, though, to a group making some fascinating NEW sounds.

Nacht Records