"This split unfolds as a singular and flowing journey. Caboladies
reaches out to solar gods above while Oneohtrix Point Never wanders through the arid
deserts of the mind and heart."

The label's prompt for this split is concise and mostly accurate, as the OPN side is somewhat more tangible than the Caboladies opposite. However, I never seem to associate OPN sounds with anything dry and cracked. Instead his dulled pulsations remind me of journeys underwater, floating with dolphins, surfing on rays, swimming with skates.

On the other hand, Caboladies' fifteen minutes scrapes along the inside of interstellar silos,

SECRET MUSEUM OF NOISE 3 "Cassette Cave: 2nd & 3rd Generation Recordings" (Bonescraper Recordings)

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Read the insert. it's self explanatory. if you can find this, get it

TRACEY TRANCE "Hangtown USA" (Self Released)


First volume of tour tape instrumental bliss from this Oregon casio wonder. Highly recommended.

ANGST HASE PFEFFER NASE "Seashard" C30 (Self Released)


Chris Cooper, (Fat Worm Of Error, ex-Caroliner, ex-Deerhoof & Wester MA's Barn Owl) is probably the most creative guitarist working on the contemporary underground music scene. His "guitar on the floor" work with the Barn Owl (not the West Coast band) or his "guitar on a strap" freakouts with Fat Worm Of Error are always a frightening thing to behold. Write Chris today and see if you can still find a copy of this.



I've lived in the Pioneer Valley of Western, MA for seven years and I've only just discovered what Kieran and Will have been doing with their guitar and drums instrumental-duo, Horse Spirit Penetrates. For the locals reading this, I'm sure that you're aware of these boys prodigious heft, but I'm just as sure that there are many in the Cassette Gods readership-at-large who have yet to encounter this amazing band. The wigged out almost-moog-toned guitaring generally maintains a permanent tonal fantasy, while the drums are a constant swirl of never-dieing fire with free-jazz-mannerisms in tow. It's loud and it hurts, but it achieves a mythic greatness.

Contact here to buy tapes, book them, put out a tape. do it:

TABOO "Death To False Magick" C90 (Karamazov Tapes)


Taboo is a really vile band. This recording is so thick and it goes so deep that it makes me want to shit. They have little to no internet presence and I've never seen 'em live (though they do tour), so this tape is all I have to go on. What I do know is that they are three semi-humans and they are from Troy Maine, but even that might be incorrect/more than I'm supposed to know. This a fucking long tape! One side is a murky and relentless "studio" session and the other is cleanly recorded (but not performed) live set that gives you a little more insight on the instrumentation/sound of the group. Hallmarks of that sound are: throbbing percussion, relentless feedback psych guitaring(?) a la Les Rallizes Denudes, wretched screaming vocals with a heafty ammount of effects. This band ain't pretty and should appeal to fans of Wolf Eyes/Hair Police. I would prefer it if the vocals came through a little better because they are totally sick, but it's hard to find fault with a band this committed to making you feel so totally unpleasant. At 90 minutes you really can't go wrong with this baby and it is the strongest and most unique of the six things we got from the label.

get it here:
live video a:
live video b:

KOMMISSAR HJULER UND FRAU / I'D M THFFT ABLE split C47 (Faux Pas Recordings)


The German couple, performance art duo and general sonic terrorists, Kommissar Hjuler und Frau (sometimes "und Mama Bar" or "Mama Baer") have released over 200 recordings, many of them ultra-limited lathe cut vinyl on their own label, Der Schoene-Hjuler-Memorial-Fond. Recently there a have been a few "comparatively overground" releases (quoting David Keenan), a CD from Intransitive and an LP from Feeding Tube. Hjuler is an actual kommissar (i.e. cop) and his German barking can sometimes be quite authoritarian. Mama Baer often brings the beauty to the duo's music, but can sometimes get righteous shrieky. Both frequently devolve into muffled moaning. The recording on the A side of this beautiful looking tape sounds like it was recorded in the family's kitchen, with Papa Bear repeating and twisting a few phrases around and doing silly monster voices, making his wife and child laugh and cry. Most of it is in German, so I can't speak much to the content. This piece doesn't hit any particular low or high points, but is a pleasant listen. Like a very weird found tape.

On Id M Theft Able's side, all of a sudden the volume jumps up about six decibels with some heavy mouth on mic action. This artist (known to humans as Skot Spear) should be no stranger to readers of this blog. He does everything and anything, but mostly sticking to a set-up of glass and spring action with bow in hand accompanied by insane vocalizing sometimes forming words, sometimes forming intelligible thoughts, always astounding the senses! This was recorded alone in his car in a Maine snowstorm and includes him singing along to snatches of pop songs from his radio, some whisper quiet sections, and some real intese vocal pasages. A really enjoyable and well paced listen that has less vocal gibberish than some of his denser works. I'm pretty sure all of this is made with just his mouth, and it continues to make me believe that technology is complete useless crap that makes your music suck!!! Put a delay pedal on that!

CROWN NOW "Richochets In Crime Scene USA" C30 (Zeikzak)


This release is from 2005, but I just got it at Mystery Train Records in Amherst, so maybe you might find it somewhere as well. This shit completely blew my mind! and it makes me wonder out loud whether-or-not Cassette Gods should begin hosting free audio of out of print releases (with the artist's permission, of course...).

Crown Now was a New England couple who put out 7 tapes in their brief existence. Similar to Kommissar Hjuler and Mama Baer or Id M Theft Able, these guys seem to make music out of basically nothing. There is some nebulous sound-foolery going on here, but the real action is in the vocals, with Miles and Bizzy basically yelling a lot of crazy garbage/art texts over each other until reaching a state of what might be called "dis-enlightenment". I'm really into the so-bad-it's-good aesthetic, but at first this all seemed very unpleasant and unsonorous to say the least, but somehow it just started working for me and the feedback/scraping sounds mixed with the vocals in a churning cesspool of ritualistic expression and sent me straight to musique-brut heaven. The artwork is very beautifully printed and I would love to see more from this Belgian label. I would also love to hear more from this group (drop me a line if you've got anything).

The groups myspace page is still active, so go bother Miles for some music:

the label: