Ramble Tamble - "Pioneer", "Flying South" (self released)

AWESOME! 2 fantastic tapes by TURNER WILLIAMS aka RAMBLE TAMBLE. turner is the man - a good dude, a great musician, and he plays in the fantastic brutal psych group GUARDIAN ALIEN.

PIONEER is a wonderful tape, one I will listen to again and again. the tunes are instrumental out-sider-y folk jams with the occasional tape collage withering in the background. they are odd, beautiful and primitive. side one ends in an EPIC jam that revolves around a repeated simple chord progression (similar to that of NIGHT MOVES by bob seeger). ITS AWESOME

the second tape, FLYING SOUTH, is wonderful as well and has some obvious inspiration from the anti-art stylings of henry flynt (one of my all time favorites) - lofi acoustic noodles and drones set the mood for tripped out country living.