Al Qaeda
"Invite Us Back Sometime"
(Teen Action Records)

Al Qaeda is a project fronted by Scott Miller which features a constantly rotating cast of collaborators from members of The Locust to The Minutemen. They've also put put releases with a far spectrum of people from Cave Bears to Richard Ramirez and Cock ESP. This new cassingle put out by Teen Action Records out if California gives us 2 banging tracks that both beat you and cover you in an uncomfortable fuzz. Chainlight opens with crisp crunchy field recordings that are looped and then accompanied by light organ sounds. Then this shit drops the bass. Beats are clicking in and out of time with cars driving around your head while breaks come in segued by trains and footsteps, then going right back to the bass drop. Marquee starts off more breathy with a clicking right off the bat. Those clicks become more and more footsteps in the sand like and then shapes into a faux reggae beat. Steam whistles chime in and so do drums ever so slightly while someone drills you into one place. Highly recommended tape that is extremely rhythmic with an overall tense feeling.

--Mark Johnson