Extreme Misanthropy Crew
Manifesto ii"
3BS Records

Extreme Misanthropy Crew are from Australia. They also make some killer beat heavy industrial music that I’m sincerely glad to have in my life.Totally earnest in their approach, their song material on this tape is truly a manifesto. One song is about intellectual property, with all it’s samples pulled from common property material, and the B side is an extended exercise in picking on global warming denialists. The throaty, harsh vocals and washes of noise had me snarling, but the rhythms are so infectiously danceable that it doesn’t feel like an exercise in attrition. The sound on the tape reminded me a lot of some of the more techno influenced noise out there (ie: Lasers, Mark Lord), just less art damaged and with a greater influence from screamo, while still possessing the same sense of heavy hitting minimalism. I appreciate a band that’s not afraid to get serious with their message, but if I hadn’t listened to the B side and it’s dissection of a Christopher Monckton speech the political aspect of this music would probably have been lost on me, but such is the nature of shouted/screamed vocals. I dug this tape quite a bit, and I’m glad it made it’s way across the world to me, but I think three songs of this stuff is probably enough to sate my appetite.

--> http://3bsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/manifesto-ii 
--Timothy Johnson