RAW MCCARTNEY "Introducing..." (Tripp Tapes)

Momma Mia Pizzeria calling all cars this here cassette is a solid 9.8 outta 10! Literally atomic hot and snapped rotten tube amps totaled from abuse play laid back cadillac rockabilly surf riffs while mr. Raw McCartney himself serenades you with songs to rival the Cars... to make another comparison it kind of sounds like George Brigman , a 1970ties Baltimore psychedelic fuzz head. To make a more contempoary comparision, this sounds a little like THEE OHH SEES or JAPANTHER. Guitars over guitars over bass over guitars over forever and ever drummer beat dance hypnotism --- this cassette is a punk rock expression of humanity miracle.

Raw McCartney has all his bases covered with this release. First, there is a lyrics sheet, and you'll need it as the vocals on the cassette are reverberated to the far reaches of HELL and HEAVEN. The lyrics remind me of Ramones lyrics but a little more bluesy than poppy. Unlike a lot of contemporary vocal acts, the lyrics feel like they are very considered. The singer does not have a large range but knows his limits and does what he can do very well. The lyrics do not overpower but they are also more than underwhelming. The lyrics give the chaotic noisy nature to this type of music a much needed structure.

Idiot Wasteoid, Born to Ride and PA Morning Garden of Shit are my three favorites. Also - check out the awesome package design RAW MCCARTHY threw together. Good things are a brewing in Indianapolis!

-- Jack Turnbull