Thursday, July 3, 2014

Decades/Failures - "February 14th" (popnihil)

 Sturdy pair of icy downers from Decades/Failures, on Jacksonville's consistently surprising Popnihil label. 

 Side A jumps right into things with "February 14th", a brooding synthpopper full of sharp and layered sequencing, treated baritone vocals and swaggering drum machine. The hooks are infectious, yet lucid, and right now this reminds me of the last Blank Dogs record, or a few of those great coldwave artifacts that Dark Entries has been unearthing. 

  Side B is a bit more gliding and tranquil. A less assaultive approach altogether, with a staggered beat and crawling synths, it's somber vocal retreat creates a slight contrast to the sweatier vibe of the flipside, and now it's time to flip the tape again. Overall a great pair of well constructed songs. I would like to see them tackle a proper LP, and as a fellow Floridian, it's nice to see something like this is happening on your own turf. 

Pro dubbed, black on black tapes. Get one from now. 

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