D. Burke Mahoney - "Static Movements" cd-r (Aetheric)

  Another intense set of drone collages from this Toronto based sound designer. Static Movements lives up to its given name, and also goes much, much further. Rich washes of radio waves are piled up along side of glacial synths, giving these movements some serious depth. Mahoney's compositions are moody, well textured and precise, and you will surely hear something new pop up with each listen. 

  The third track really stuck out for me, with a sweaty, claustrophobic vibe and a possible buzz-saw supplying the low end. It's haunting melody is faint, and looms below the rumble, eventually leading up to a subtle field recording of a man singing prayer songs. This is excruciating music, the slow knife, and things go from pleasant to punishing with ease. All in all an accomplished piece of drone music, and I highly recommend this to fans of early Lustmord and Yellow Swans.

  Get one from Aetheric. Edition of 20 in cardboard sleeve with stickers and a pin. http://aetheric-records.bandcamp.com/album/static-movements