POLYGLOVE “Dialler EP” C40 (Trout Records)

That settles it; I’m officially abstaining from researching a band’s profile until I’ve listened to the album in its entirety. I’m pretty sure I’d have known these lads were from Ireland, but now that I’ve googled it, I can’t really be sure. No turning back the clock! I do, however, quite right know that I don’t like techno, muchatall… but that I’m sure that anyone who enjoys a wateraverdancing good time might find something worthwhile in this. The artwork unapologetically advertises that signature deep bass/snare I generally avoid like the plague, but, hey, itsa review, and I promised to listen earnestly and give feedback, so please just know that it’s (what I’d deem) “techno” and that, really, you should click on the link below and sample it for yourself!

So…I can comment on the mixing. Very mindful mixing. Very distinct pitches/patterns coming and going. In fact, there’s enough variation for me to not become viscerally upset (a common side-effect of techno listening for me) so maybe this is a really great techno album! Maybe these chaps have what it takes to convert the anti-raver into a ravist-sympathizer. Maybe this is the most revolutionary thing I’ve ever heard! All I know is that I’m almost curious enough as to research Aphex Twin or Autechre or Slayer or whoever so I can truly understand techno. And, again, please, if you like that dancy-techno shtuffs, please click on the link below and witness for yourself.  I’m dogshit at reviewing techno. Sorry.

- - Jacob An Kittenplan