“the invisible cage of comfort”
C-30 (Fragment Factory)

I am offering fair warning for any listeners living in the suburbs. This applies to the most seasoned sound/noise aficionados who name their kids after Martin Rev or Alan Vega. Actually, in that case, one may notice the resemblance to “Frankie Teardrop” rather than associate the cassette output with the neighbor’s temperamental lawn mower.

What if someone with this cassette lives in a Quonset hut? What if the recreation department in that town stores all the track and field equipment in said Quonset hut, and that someone manages to take shelter among the stacks of hurdles and javelins? When it rains on that corrugated metal, how does one sleep? Is there a real need for this recording once one finds oneself living in these conditions, hiding out from Coach Franklincense and Lieutenant Effington? It ain’t easy getting around those cats. They have resources like you wouldn’t believe.

The fellows responsible for “the invisible cage of comfort” worked together and separate to make these recordings during live performances in Basel, Switzerland. Don’t assume anything here. Don’t take it personally. Take seriously the things of little importance. Don’t take seriously the things of great importance.

Fragment 33

--Adam Padavano