RAS MIX-"Adventures In Clown Town"
(SadoDamascus Records)

Abrupt sequencing gets this going on this six track tape release from Ras Mix. The layers build in a timely manner and the opening cut, "Don't Hurt Em" is off and running. What begins as curious soon morphs to near chaos as electronica nearly pushes aside any cohesive attempt at structure. Ras Mix, however, has the sense to cling to the edges of cohesiveness and you find yourself pulled along as the earth breaks up behind you. This is engaging...

The remaining two tracks on side one could easily be mistaken for an extension of the ongoing tomfoolery already exhibited, which is not to imply it drags on. Expressionism in music is, of course, vital and the bi-polar mood swings of the artist continually lead you down new paths, then jump ship to something completely different. The trick here is that while everything is in a state of aural flux, it all flows and you maintain intrigue throughout.

Side two jumps at you with frantic synth notes spraying over a layer of, guess what, more synth.
Then, quickly settles into a groove where voices are interjected and just as quickly, gone. Like the first side, everything is ever-changing, but done tastefully. The timing and execution are perfect which elevates the whole album to higher ground.

The release came in the standard case with J-card insert, and indicates that the whole thing was recorded in one take in September of 2013. So, nearly three years later I'm listening and writing and wondering what's new from the creator. "Adventures In Clown Town" is an excellent tape that captures the creativity and spontaneity of Ras Mix leaving me yearning for more.
Highly recommended.

-- Bob Zilli