"Depiction of Saturn & Other Planets Floating In Space" C60
(Midnight Circles)

This Book of Kells release of 24 cosmic vignettes plays somewhere between a Stars of the Lid record at 45rpm and a Constance Demby at 18, which is to say, not so much derivative but rather in great company of some minimalist/drone masterpieces.

As the title suggests, the themes explored herein are clinically cold but elegant, far removed from life but teeming with objective radiance, all conjured up by a series of floating synth clouds, binaural solar winds, and sparse, asteroidal accents. This could easily fit into the Hearts of Space catalog if it gets noticed enough (as should most of the releases put out by the up & coming Midnight Circles label out of Mannheim, Germany), and I sure as hell hope it does. It is no easy task being so harmonious & melodic without sacrificing wise mood over fleeting, clever riff.

All (inter)stellar releases via Midnight Circles bandcamp page are pay-as-you-wish, so get on board & spread the good word!

-- Jacob An Kittenplan