“Hi Sun Pro Castle” C36
(International Winners)

Smudged window panes let in just enough light to cut the cannabis haze. Hi Pro and Sun Castle thought, in the depths of a weed binge, man, to call their collection of bizarre improvisations Hi Sun Pro Castle, just to mess with us. The cops will never figure it out, not in a million years. One of these guys, I don’t know which one, hugged the Casio in the basement until one of the “reggae” presets accidentally started, and then the other one, somehow tinkering enough with a synthesizer to get it working again (“Whooooah…” he probably said, eyes wide in surprise, when the gurgling sonics started issuing from the machine), began riffing on slo-mo electronic jammage. Let’s call the hugger Hi Pro and the synth one Sun Castle. Once they realized what was up, they giggled and started improvising for a little over a half hour until the buzz wore off. By that time they had recorded three tracks, the woozy dub runner “Gold Ascent,” the sticky formless ambient of “Holbox,” and the pagan ritual “Jáal Ja’.” After a couple of gravity bong rips, they went to the bodega for some Icees and stuck their faces under the machines before turning them on. A mess ensued. “Weez the juice!” they shouted at each other while cackling in insane laughter, a million Encino Man references bubbling to the surface like a bong hit. The bodega owners, clearly flummoxed, countered with “No weezing the juice!”


-- Steve Koozer