MONSOON “Now Became Never” C52 (self-released)

It’s a heaving gale the earth produces, the monsoon, unrelenting in its power, in its fury, in its … weirdness? Sure, we can go weird, what with the wind and the water. What with the theremin and the drums and the warped vocals. Wait, are we talking about the same thing? We are … and we aren’t.

Revson and Greg do their thing. The two goofballs have been at it for ten years, and “Now Became Never” is their first physical release. They recorded it in a day. Sounds about right.

The two improvise freeform freakouts of kraut zaniness and despicable stoned fusion, interspersing it with noise experiments and probably their own death throes. All the time frequencies collide with percussive rhythms, sometimes in our dimension, at other times in another one. But you can hear the whole thing!

Monsoon leaves wreckage in its wake. It leaves its guts all over the floor. An insane amount of sweat went into this. The crushing passages of swirled civilization mark Monsoon’s passage and anticipate its future. There will always be more Monsoon.